House Un-American Activities Hearings



Y/M/D Description Place
1943/02/01 Representative Martin Dies accuses 39 Federal Government employees to be unfit to hold Government positions because of their affiliations with Communist front organizations.
1950/00/00 Barbara Bel Geddes refuses to name names before the House Un-American Activities Committee, she is blacklisted for a short time
1950/00/00 43 of 247 Screenwriters Guild members are stripped of their passports and blacklisted in Hollywood by the House Committee on Un-American Activities
1951/05/24 Schulberg testified voluntarily before HUAC that he became a Communist during the late 1930s but quit the party when it tried to dictate what he should write. He named John Howard Lawson as trying to pressure him to write under party guidance.
1952/04/00 Under oath in front of the HUAC Committee, Elia Kazan initially refuses to provide names, but eventually names eight who he said had been Communists from the early 1930s. All the persons named were already known to HUAC.
1952/12/20 In same year as the Night of the Murdered Poets, when 13 Soviet Jews were executed on false charges in Lubyanka Prison in Moscow, Robeson is awarded the International Stalin Prize by the Soviet Union.
1953/03/26 Dashiell Hammett testifies before House Un-American Activities Committee, refuses to cooperate and was blacklisted.
1956/06/12 Paul Robeson is called before HUAC for refusing to sign an affidavit that he was not a Communist.
1960/04/26 HUAC issues subpoenas for a series of hearings to be held in San Francisco. Ordering to appear left-leaning members of the media, university faculty and a UC Berkeley student.
1960/05/13 As Police halt student protestors, 100s block access to the HUAC hearings by sitting down in the hallways and singing protest songs. Police seriously injure many when they use batons and fire hoses to force dissidents down 36 marble stairs. San Francisco City Hall, San Francisco
1960/05/14 Several hundred protestors picket the San Francisco HUAC hearings, while another 3,500 demonstrators amass outside the building. The HUAC hearings close down. San Francisco City Hall, San Francisco
1961/02/03 President Kennedy and Paul B Fay go to see "Spartacus". The theater is being picked by the League of Catholic War Veterans due to blacklisted screenwriter Dalton Trumbo. Warner Theatre, Washington, DC

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Historic Era: Cold War

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