Aaron Burr Conspiracy


Vice-President Aaron Burr travels through the Mississippi and Ohio River valleys and the Louisiana Territory soliciting support for the creation of a new colony west of the Mississippi River. - AsNotedIn

I am encouraged to report to your Lordship the substance of some secret communications which [Burr] has sought to make to me since he has been out of office...Mr. Burr has mentioned to me that the inhabitants of Louisiana [the lands recently purchased from France] seem determined to render themselves independent of the United States and the execution of their design is only delayed by the difficulty of obtaining previously an assurance of protection and assistance from some foreign power....It is clear that Mr. Burr means to endeavor to be the instrument for effecting such a connection....He pointed out the great commercial advantage which his Majesty's dominions in general would derive from furnishing almost exclusively (as they might through Canada and New Orleans) the inhabitants of so extensive a territory....Mr. Burr observed it would be too dangerous and even premature to disclose to me at present the full extent and detail of the plan he had formed....In regard to military aid, he said, two or three frigates and the same number of smaller vessels to be stationed at the mouth of the Mississippi to prevent its being blockaded by such force as the United States could send, and to keep open the communications with the sea would be the whole that would be wanted; and in respect to money the loan of about one hundred thousand pounds would, he conceived, be sufficient for the immediate purposes of the enterprise. - Anthony Merry, British Minister to the United States



Y/M/D Description Place
1805/04/00 Aaron Burr meets with Anthony Merry, British Minister to the United States, and request military assistance in the creation of a new colony in the Ohio and Mississippi valleys.
1805/05/05 Burr arrives in Marietta, Ohio. Fourteen miles south of Marietta, Burr lands on Blennerhassett Island and dines with the Blennerhassetts. At 11 o'clock, he continues his journey down the Ohio River. Blennerhassett Island Historic District, Parkersburg
1805/05/30 Burr arrives in Nashville, he spends four days as the guest of General Andrew Jackson, enjoying public balls and dinners. The Hermitage, Nashville, TN
1805/06/00 General James Wilkinson provides Burr with "an elegant barge" and letters of introduction to friends in New Orleans. Fort Massac State Park, Metropolis, IL
1805/06/25 Aaron Burr arrives in New Orleans and meets with Daniel Clark. Burr enjoys banquets and balls as he stays 10 to 12 days.
1805/07/00 Sometime during July-September, Aaron Burr meets with General George Rogers Clark to solicit support for the creation of a new colony west of the Mississippi Locust Grove, Louisville, KY
1806/07/29 Burr's associates, Erick Bollman and Samuel Swartwout, carry letters in cipher to Wilkinson saying to "commenced the enterprise" and that Burr had naval protection from Great Britain and would have 100s of troops in Natchez in early December to meet him.
1806/08/00 While on Blennerhasset's Island, Burr contracts for the delivery of 15 boats capable of carrying 500 men, a large keel boat for transporting provisions and huge quantities of pork, corn meal, flour and whiskey. Blennerhassett Island Historic District, Parkersburg
1806/10/00 Wilkinson decides to stop Burr and sends President Jefferson a translated copy of the cipher letter.
1806/10/06 President Jefferson issues a proclamation warning that there are US citizens plotting to take over western part of the United States.
1806/11/00 Wilkinson places New Orleans under marshal law, rounds up witnesses and arrest Burrs associates, Erick Bollman and Samuel Swartwout. New Orleans, Louisiana
1806/11/25 President Jefferson issues a proclamation that sundry persons were illegally conspiring to attack Spain.
1806/12/10 Burr supporters, Harman and Margaret flee their island home to escape the Ohio Militia. Blennerhassett Island Historic District, Parkersburg
1807/00/00 Jonathan Dayton is arrested for treason as an accomplice in Aaron Burr's conspiracy.
1807/02/18 While playing backgammon in their cabin in the village of Wakefield in Mississippi Territory, Nicholas Perkins and Thomas Malone are interrupted as a man on horseback passes by at a trot. A second traveler stops to asked the road to Maj Hinson's.
1807/02/19 After the strangers leave, Perkins says to Malone, "That is Aaron Burr. I have read a description of him in the proclamation. I cannot be mistaken. Let us follow him to Hinson's, and take measures for his arrest."
1807/02/19 Nicholas Perkins hurries to the cabin of Theodore Brightwell, the sheriff, and wakes him. They soon peruse the strangers to Maj Hinson's place.
1807/02/19 The mysterious travelers arrive at the Hinson residence where the lady of the house, whose husband was absent, lets the strangers into the kitchen and serves them supper.
1807/02/19 Before sunrise, Perkins arrives at Fort Stoddart (razed) and informs Lt Gaines of what he had seen and heard.
1807/02/19 Lt Gaines, a Sergeant and three soldiers arrest Col Burr 2 or 3 miles from Col Hinson's residence. Washington County,
1807/07/00 Aaron Burr spends the night at the Lewis Inn on his way to Richmond for trial on charges of treason Lewis Inn, Chester, SC
1807/07/00 Aaron Burr arrives in Chester as a prisoner and pleads for help from the local citizens, his podium is a rock located on Main St The Hill, Chester SC, Chester, SC
1807/08/03 Aaron Burr trial for treason begins in the Hall of the Virginia House of Delegates, Virginia State Capitol, Richmond. Virginia State Capitol, Richmond
1807/08/09 Alex Henderson describes a dinner with Mr and Mrs Blennerhassett who spoke of the advantages of separating from the Union. Harman told Alex and his brother John that New Orleans was to be seized and 50 pieces of French artillery was to be commandeered. Virginia State Capitol, Richmond
1807/09/01 Aaron Burr is acquitted on 1 September 1807. Virginia State Capitol, Richmond

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