Siege of Fort Motte



Y/M/D Description Place
1781/03/00 British abandon Thompson Plantation at Belleville (US 601 at Congaree River), and confiscate the Motte plantation as a supply depot for conveys traveling from Charleston to Camden. They construct a stockade, a ditch and abatis to fortified the mansion. Fort Motte Battle Site, Fort Motte
1781/05/06 Francis Marion, with 150 men and Henry Lee with 300 regulars including the Legion infantry, Oldham's Maryland Company and 140 North Carolina Continentals under Maj Pinkertham Eaton arrive at Motte's plantation. Mrs Motte moves to a nearby farmhouse. Fort Motte Battle Site, Fort Motte
1781/05/08 Defended by a garrison of the 2nd Battalion of the 84th Regiment of Foot led by Lt Donald McPherson, a troop of Hessian dragoons and Loyalist Militia. Francis Marion, Henry Lee and Maj Pinkertham Eaton lay siege to the British Army's Fort Motte. Fort Motte Battle Site, Fort Motte
1781/05/11 After learning that Lee had decided to shoot flaming arrows onto the Motte Mansion's shingle roof, Rebecca supplies an East Indian bow and a set of arrows to burn the British out, helping to end the siege. Fort Motte Battle Site, Fort Motte
1781/05/12 British regulars surrender Fort Motte to Marion, allowing them go on the roof to put out the fires. After the soldiers left, Mrs Motte invites both the American and British officers to a good dinner at her own table. Fort Motte Battle Site, Fort Motte

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Military Event: American Revolutionary War

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