New England's Storm of October 1804



Y/M/D Description Place
1804/10/09 Paul Revere and Son foundry (lost) on Lynn Street at the north part of Boston is seriously damaged in a severe gale. Not being repaired or occupied, foundry operations will be moved to the copper-mill in Canton while the headquarters will stay in Boston. Paul Revere Heritage Site, Canton
1804/10/09 At about 9:00 am the temperature suddenly drops beginning a storm of lightening and thunder. In southern New England rain fell in a torrent and in the north, the storm would dumped up to 2 feet of snow.
1804/10/09 A New England storm topples the steeple of the Old North Church, destroying a house. No one is injured. Old North Church, Boston
1804/10/09 A fierce October tears the roof of King's Chapel and throws it 200 feet. King's Chapel, Boston, Boston
1804/10/09 The schooner DOVE, 64 tons, built in Kittery Maine is wrecked on Ipswich Bar, killing all seven persons on board.
1804/10/09 Commanded by Captain Griffin, The LAURA from Gloucester is nearly beaten to pieces against Long Wharf, damaging her cargo. Long Wharf and Customhouse Block, Boston
1804/10/10 By the end of the storm, shipping was injured. One example was Marblehead, Massachusetts where they lost 10 vessels, which drowned 67 boys and men, leaving 34 widows and 115 children without a father. Marblehead, MA, Massachusetts

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Weather: Rain
Weather: Snow
Meteorology: Stormy Weather

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