Jamestown Exposition



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1905/04/28 Exposition president, Fitzhugh Lee, dies at the Providence Hospital in Washington from an attack of apoplexy and paralysis with which he was stricken early this morning while traveling by rail from Boston to Washington in interest of Jamestown Exposition.
1907/00/00 Stanford White copies the dining room fireplace with a broken-pediment overmantel in James Mitchell Varnum House at East Greenwich for a building at the Jamestown Exposition. Gen James Mitchell Varnum House, East Greenwich, RI
1907/04/26 After sailing down the Potomac into Hampton Roads on the presidential yacht Mayflower. Roosevelt is greeted by 100-gun salute by 16 American battleships, along with naval vessels from Great Britain, Germany, Argentina, Brazil and Chile. Monitor-Merrimac Overlook Park, Hampton
1907/04/26 President Theodore Roosevelt opens the Jamestown Exposition and presides over the naval review. Jamestown Exposition Site Buildings, Norfolk
1907/04/27 Henry Huttleston Rogers, his son Harry and Mark Twain arrive at the Jamestown Exposition on Rogers' steam yacht Kanawha, one of the country's largest and fastest private yachts. Jamestown Exposition Site Buildings, Norfolk
1907/04/28 Mark Twain stays at the Cassell-McRae House (108 London St, built c 1829) while he is at the Jamestown Exposition. Downtown Portsmouth Historic District (Virginia), Portsmouth
1907/05/30 The Jamestown Exposition's Patrick Henry Day celebrates the Virginia House of Burgesses's passing, on 30 May 1765, Henry's resolutions against the Stamp Act. President Tucker reads the original Stamp Act Resolutions. Jamestown Exposition Site Buildings, Norfolk
1907/05/30 Jamestown Exposition's Patrick Henry Day continues with the introduction of Dr Philip Aylett Fitzhugh of New York, great-grandson of Patrick Henry, who is given a hearty greeting by the audience. Jamestown Exposition Site Buildings, Norfolk
1907/05/30 At the Jamestown Exposition's Patrick Henry Day, keynote speaker William J Bryan urges to continue the fight against corporate greed and declares Federal Rate Law has financially benefited railroads who ungratefully fight rate reduction. Jamestown Exposition Site Buildings, Norfolk
1910/00/00 A low wing extending from the new south wing of the Virginia State Library is built to house the mineral and timber exhibits from the Virginia pavilion of the 1907 Jamestown Exposition. Virginia State Library-Oliver Hill Building, Richmond

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