Benedict Arnold's Expedition to Quebec

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Y/M/D Description Place
1775/00/00 Arnold Trail to Quebec, Augusta, ME
1775/00/00 Arnold Trail to Quebec, Phippsburg
1775/00/00 Arnold Trail to Quebec, Bingham
1775/00/00 Arnold Trail to Quebec, Coburn Gore
1775/06/13 Great numbers of the Canadians have expected a visit from us for some time, and are very impatient of our delay, as they are determined to join us whenever we appear in the Country with any force to support them. - Arnold letter to Continental Congress Fort Crown Point, Crown Point
1775/06/13 Arnold writes to the Continental Congress from Crown Point that he has confirmation from a party of the Canadians, having just returned from a short excursion to the Isle-au-Noix, that there are a number of them offering to join us. Fort Lennox National Historic Site of Canada, Saint-Paul-de-l'Ile-aux-Noix
1775/08/00 Obadiah and Martha Curtis loan their specie (hard money) to the colony in exchange for Continental paper during the fitting out of the expedition against Canada under General Arnold.
1775/09/00 American forces under the command of Benedict Arnold, en route to Quebec, camp on the green at Newbury, Massachusetts. Upper Green Historic District, Newbury, Newbury
1775/09/02 Arnold writes to Nathaniel Tracy, a merchant in Newburyport, to arrange ships to bring the expedition to Maine without drawing attention to Royal Navy ships patrolling the area.
1775/09/19 Arnold's force of 1050 and officers Daniel Morgan, Christopher Greene, Henry Dearborn and Aaron Burr, sail from Newburyport, Mass to the Kennebec River, up river to Gardinerstown (now Pittston, Maine) where they row batteaux 6 miles to Fort Western.
1775/09/23 Benedict Arnold and most of the expedition reach Fort Western. The full expedition will set out from Fort Western on September 25. Fort Western, Augusta, ME

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Military Event: American Revolutionary War
Motif: War

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