Capture of Major Andre



Y/M/D Description Place
1779/04/00 Adjutant General of the British Army in America, Major Andre takes command of British Secret Service.
1779/09/23 With plans for taking West Point stashed in his boot, Andre is captured behind American lines in civilian dress (contrary to orders given by General Clinton) by Patriot militiamen John Paulding, Isaac Van Wart, and David Williams. Patriot's Park, Greenburgh, NY
1780/09/29 Board of Senior Officers find Andre guilty of being behind American lines "under a feigned name and in a disguised habit" and order that he "ought to be considered as a Spy from the enemy ... it is their opinion, he ought to suffer death."
1780/10/01 John Andre is held prisoner in Tappan The '76 House, Orangetown
1780/10/02 Major John Andre convicted of spying DeWint House, Orangetown
1780/10/02 Major John Andre is hanged as a spy at noon. Washington denied him a soldier's death by firing squad. Maj John Andre Monument, Orangetown
1821/11/28 At the Duke of York's request, Major Andre's body is moved from Tappan and reburied with a funeral service in front of his monument in Westminster Abbey. Westminster Abbey, London, London

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