Death of Christopher Seider



Y/M/D Description Place
1770/02/22 Local boys protest merchant Theophilus Lillie selling tea by erecting a pole on Union St with a hand pointing to his shop, the word IMPORTER and an effigy of Lillie's head. Customs service employee, Ebenezer Richardson, soon breaks up the boys protest.
1770/02/22 The mob, of at least 60 or 70 Boys, depart Lillie's shop and to throw "Limon Peels" and other light rubbish of one kind or another at Richardson's house. The boys hit Ebenezer's wife Kezia with an egg.
1770/02/22 Richardson shoots his musket loaded it with buckshot pellets about the bigness of large peas from an upper window at the boys. Eleven pieces strike eleven year old, Christopher Seider, who was stooping to take up a Stone.
1770/02/22 Even though Dr Joseph Warren, Dr Thomas Young and other surgeons asset the wound, Christopher Seider dies around nine pm.
1770/02/26 With 500 children walking in front of the bier and 6 of his school mates caring the pall, Christopher Seider's casket, inscribed with "innocence itself is not safe", leaves Faneuil Hall. Faneuil Hall, Boston
1770/02/26 John Adams encounters Seider's funeral near the Liberty Tree (lost, corner of Essex and Washington Sts, near Boston Common. "I saw a vast Collection of People, near Liberty Tree - enquired and found the funeral of the Child, lately kill'd by Richardson." Boston Common, Boston
1770/02/26 Christopher Seider's cortege passes the Town House where the governor and council meet. Old State House, Boston
1770/02/26 Christopher Seider, a son of poor German immigrants, is buried in Granary Burying Ground. Granary Burying Ground, Boston

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