Boston Tea Party



Y/M/D Description Place
1767/00/00 Townshend Revenue Act impose duties on paper, painters' colors, glass and tea.
1770/00/00 Early in 1770, the Townshend Revenue Act is repealed, except the tax is kept on tea.
1770/02/00 Three hundred women of Boston, heads of families, among them many of the highest standing sign an agreement not to drink any tea until the impost clause of the revenue acts is repealed.
1770/02/22 Local boys protest merchant Theophilus Lillie selling tea by erecting a pole on Union St with a hand pointing to his shop, the word IMPORTER and an effigy of Lillie's head. Customs service employee, Ebenezer Richardson, soon breaks up the boys protest.
1770/04/00 "There is not above one seller of tea in town who has not signed an agreement not to dispose of any tea until the late revenue acts are repealed." - Boston Gazette
1773/11/28 Owned by Francis Rotch and Captained by James Hall, the cargo-whaler "Dartmouth," arrives in Boston harbor with 114 chests of tea and anchors below Castle William. Fort Independence, Boston
1773/11/29 The Dartmouth anchors off Long Wharf. "That worst of plagues, the detested tea, shipped for this port by the East India Company, is now arrived in this harbor" - Patriot handbill Long Wharf and Customhouse Block, Boston
1773/11/29 Before a crowd of 5000 in and around Faneuil Hall, Samuel Adams' resolution, "that the tea should not be landed - that it should be sent back in the same bottom to the place whence it came, at all events, and that no duty should be paid on it," is adopted Faneuil Hall, Boston
1773/11/29 Faneuil Hall meeting of the body of the people moves to the Old South Meeting House to accommodate the crowd. Dr Thomas Young proposes that the only way to get rid of the dreaded tea was to throw it overboard. Old South Meetinghouse, Boston
1773/12/16 Obadiah Curtis joins the Boston Tea Party. Curtis will not strictly follow the rules of the protest laid out by the Masons and Sons of Liberty. Curtis will make his own teabag from a pinch of tea. Curtis' descendants still own the souvenir.
1773/12/16 American Patriots assemble at the South Meeting House to decide the fate of three ships loaded with tea docked at Griffin's Wharf in Boston, Massachusetts. Old South Meetinghouse, Boston
1773/12/16 Twenty year old Amos Lincoln joins the Patriots at the Boston Tea Party in Boston, Massachusetts.
1773/12/16 More than 5000 American colonists meet at the South Meeting House to decide the fate of three ships (BEAVER, ELEANOR and DARTMOUTH) loaded with tea docked at Griffin's Wharf Old South Meetinghouse, Boston
1773/12/16 100 to 150 men board three ships and dump the cargo of tea into Boston Harbor, the DARTMOUTH was a Joseph Rotch ship.

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