Siege of Petersburg

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Y/M/D Description Place
Pamplin Historical Park, Petersburg, Petersburg
1862/09/00 Surgeon Faxon is put in command of the hospital of the 5th corps, near City Point. City Point Historic District, Hopewell, VA
1864/00/00 Petersburg National Battlefield, Petersburg
1864/06/00 Generals W H F Lee, Wade Hampton and Matthew Butler meet in the front parlor at Village View to plan the defense of Petersburg. Village View, Emporia
1864/06/00 Kittrell Springs Hotel, owned by Maj Charles C Blacknall, is converted into a hospital to treat casualties from Petersburg. Hundreds were treated at the 300-bed facility between June 1864 and April 1865. Burned in 1885, the cemetery remains. St James Episcopal Church and Rectory, Kittrell
1864/06/00 Lt Gen Ulysses S Grant makes his headquarters at Appomattox Manor where he will stay in a tent. Appomattox Manor, Hopewell, Hopewell, VA
1864/06/18 Col Daniel Chaplin orders the 1st Maine Heavy Artillery Regiment to charge across an open field toward Confederate breastworks resulting in a lost of 632 out of 900 men, the deadliest single-battle loss of any regiment during the entire Civil War. Petersburg National Battlefield, Petersburg
1864/06/21 President Abraham Lincoln lands at City Point and visits General Grant in the drawing room of the Appomattox Manor house. Lincoln will also meet a division of US Colored Troops. Appomattox Manor, Hopewell, Hopewell, VA
1864/06/23 Lt Col William Blaisdell is killed by a Confederate sharpshooter in the trenches at Petersburg, Virginia. Blaisdell will be posthumously brevetted Brigadier General, US Volunteers for "gallant and distinguished conduct". Petersburg Breakthrough Battlefield, Pamplin Historical Park, Petersburg
1864/07/30 Blandford Cemetery is the resting place of Confederate soldiers who died in the Battle of the Crater on July 30, 1864. Blandford Cemetery, Petersburg
1864/07/30 After the 32nd Maine Volunteer Infantry Regiment advances through the crater and penetrates rebel lines, Col Wentworth is seriously wounded during a fierce shower of bursting shells at Battle of the Crater. Petersburg National Battlefield, Petersburg
1864/10/00 When the army had settled down to the siege of Petersburg, Mrs Faxon was ordered to the front, and a description of the hospital and of hospital life from her point of view will not be uninteresting. - Col Francis J Parker
1864/12/02 As Confederate States Army General Archibald Gracie looks out at the Union lines through his telescope at Petersburg, Virginia, an exploding artillery shell kills him instantly. Petersburg National Battlefield, Petersburg
1865/00/00 Built Petersburg Breakthrough Battlefield, Pamplin Historical Park, Petersburg
1865/03/26 President Lincoln spends the day traveling up the James River visiting troops at Aiken's Landing in Henrico County. The President rides by horse over muddy roads to visit a division of black troops. Varina Plantation, Varina
1865/04/00 Suspected Confederate sympathizers are held at Fort Pocahontas until April 1865. Fort Pocahontas, Charles City, VA
1865/04/01 Five Forks Battlefield, Five Forks
1865/04/02 Grant orders a massive bombardment to begin around midnight and continue until 4:00 am. Followed with the Infantry of IX Corps attacking the trenches near Fort Mahone while the VI Corps assault the Confederate trenches along the Boydton Plank Road line. Petersburg Breakthrough Battlefield, Pamplin Historical Park, Petersburg
1865/04/02 Captain Charles Gould of the 5th Vermont Infantry is first to mount the enemy's works. Gould is bayoneted in the mouth, kills his attacker with a saber and is bayoneted in the back. Gould continues to fight and is saved by his color sergeant. Petersburg Breakthrough Battlefield, Pamplin Historical Park, Petersburg
1865/04/03 City of Petersburg surrenders Petersburg National Battlefield, Petersburg
1865/04/03 First Michigan Sharpshooters lower the Confederate flag and raise the United States flag above the Petersburg Courthouse. Thousands of Union soldiers enter the city, putting out the fires and establishing order. Petersburg Courthouse, Petersburg
1865/04/07 President Abraham Lincoln meets with General G L Hartsuff. District Commander of the Northern forces, Hartsuff was using Centre Hill as his headquarters. Centre Hill, Petersburg
1927/12/12 Governor William Hodges Mann dies. Buried at Blandford, the 46th Governor of Virginia from 1910 to 1914, was a spy behind Grant's lines during the Siege of Petersburg. Blandford Cemetery, Petersburg

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