Election of Abraham Lincoln



Y/M/D Description Place
1860/05/18 The 2nd Republican National Convention, held in Chicago from May 16 to 18, nominates on the third ballot attempt former US Representative Abraham Lincoln of Illinois for President of the United States.
1860/11/06 Stephen A Douglas is a guest at the Battle hotel the night that he loses the presidency to Abraham Lincoln. Battle House Royale, Mobile
1860/12/00 Tommy Wilson, standing at the gate of the Manse in Augusta, overhears from two men passing that Lincoln has been elected President and there will be war. Tommy runs inside to ask his father what this means. Woodrow Wilson Boyhood Home, Augusta
1861/02/11 From the Great Western Depot at 930 E Monroe St, President-elect Abraham Lincoln and his eldest son, Robert, depart Springfield, Illinois for Washington DC. Central Springfield Historic District, Springfield
1861/02/13 Vice President Breckinridge, presiding over the joint session of Congress that counted the electoral votes, announces that Abraham Lincoln has been elected President of the United States, defeating VP John C Breckinridge, John Bell and Stephen Douglas. United States Capitol, Washington, DC
1861/02/15 Lincoln's train will stop in Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Columbus, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Albany and Poughkeepsie before arriving in Peekskill.
1861/02/19 On his way to Washington DC, Abraham Lincoln becomes the first passenger to arrive at the Hudson River Railroad station (lost) in Chelsea. James Farley Post Office, New York City
1861/02/19 At the invitation of former Congressman William Nelson, Lincoln makes a stop in Peekskill and gives a short address from a small platform laid on a baggage car at the railroad depot located at the end of Centre Street (now Central Ave). Peekskill Freight Depot, Peekskill
1861/02/21 After Allen Pinkerton discovers a plot to assassinate Lincoln when he passes through Baltimore, Lincoln cancels an address to the Pennsylvania legislature in Harrisburg.
1861/02/22 President-elect Lincoln delivers a speech at Independence Hall in Philadelphia on George Washington's birthday, February 22. Independence Hall, Philadelphia
1861/02/22 In Harrisburg, PA, Allen Pinkerton and Ward Hill Lamon lead Lincoln out of his hotel wearing a soft felt hat instead of his stovepipe hat, with an overcoat over his shoulders and hunched slightly to disguise his height.
1861/02/23 In Baltimore, Allen Pinkerton, Ward Hill Lamon and Lincoln leave undetected from President Street station and move to Camden station. Where, they board another train for Washington. President Street Station, Baltimore
1861/02/23 Under secrecy and tight security, President-elect Abraham Lincoln and Robert arrive in Washington DC. Seven states have seceded from the Union since Lincoln's election, the threat of civil looms.
1861/02/23 On the train platform in Washington, Congressman Elihu B Washburne sees his friend and says, "Abe, you can't play that on me." Congressman Washburne then escorts Lincoln to the Willard Hotel. Willard Hotel, Washington, DC
1861/03/04 On the East Portico of the United States Capitol in Washington, DC, Abraham Lincoln is inaugurated as the 16th President of the United States. United States Capitol, Washington, DC

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