Lafayette's Triumphal Tour of America

To thank the Marquis de Lafayette for fighting for fighting with the American Colonist in their revolution against Britain, President Monroe invited him on an official tour of United States. Marquis de Lafayette fought with distinction in a number of battles during the American Revolution, including Brandywine and Yorktown. From August 1824 to September 1825 Lafayette's entourage made a very grand tour, encompassing all 24 of the American states. - AsNotedIn



Y/M/D Description Place
1824/07/13 Marquis de Lafayette and his entourage depart from France, sailing to the United States.
1824/08/15 General Lafayette's party arrives at Staten Island, New York and spends the day at the home of Daniel Tompkins, fourth governor of New York and the sixth vice president of the United States.
1824/08/16 Marquis de Lafayette arrives at Castle Garden, New York and is met by a great crowd that includes a group of American Revolutionary War veterans in tattered uniforms. Castle Clinton National Monument, New York City
1824/08/19 Lafayette's retinue visits Stamford, Connecticut.
1824/08/20 Lafayette's retinue visits Harlem.
1824/08/20 Lafayette's retinue visits New Rochelle, NY.
1824/08/20 Marquis de Lafayette dines at Penfield's Inn. Widow Haviland's Tavern, Rye
1824/08/20 Lafayette's party visits Byram Bridge, Connecticut.
1824/08/20 Lafayette's company visits Putnam Hill in Greenwich. Putnam Hill Historic District, Greenwich
1824/08/20 Lafayette's party visits Norwalk, Connecticut.
1824/08/20 Lafayette's entourage visits Saugatuck (Westport).
1824/08/20 Lafayette's retinue visits Fairfield, Connecticut.
1824/08/20 Lafayette spends the night at the Washington Hotel in Bridgeport, Connecticut
1824/08/21 Lafayette's party visits New Haven, Connecticut.
1824/08/22 Lafayette's retinue visits Providence, RI.
1824/08/23 Lafayette's entourage visits Stoughton, Massachusetts. Stoughton, MA, Massachusetts
1824/08/24 At one o'clock AM on Tuesday, Governor William Eustis of Massachusetts and his wife receive Lafayette at their Roxbury mansion. Mrs Eustis's has decorated the upstairs front bedroom with a French theme for the General's stay. Shirley-Eustis House, Boston
1824/08/24 Boston Mayor Josiah Quincy host a reception for General Lafayette in the Doric Hall at the State House and Lafayette has dinner with the Governor of Massachusetts. Massachusetts Statehouse, Boston
1824/08/24 Hundreds of spectators wave and cheer Lafayette as he slowly parades down Common (now Tremont) Street. Lafayette halts his barouche when he recognizes Dorothy Hancock Scott sitting on the balcony of her home on Colonnade Row near Avery Street (lost). Boston Common, Boston
1824/08/25 Mayor Josiah Quincy III escorts Lafayette to the Mayor's son's commencement at Harvard College in Cambridge. Harvard Yard, Cambridge, MA
1824/08/25 At his Harvard graduation, Josiah Quincy IV speaks eloquently, in Latin, about Lafayette's military service in American Revolution. Harvard Yard, Cambridge, MA
1824/08/25 Josiah Quincy IV gives the commencement address in Latin at his graduation from the Law School at Harvard College. Harvard Yard, Cambridge, MA
1824/08/26 In the lower hall, Lafayette attends a ceremony at Faneuil Hall, the "consecrated cradle of America, and I hope, of universal liberty." Faneuil Hall, Boston
1824/08/27 Commodore Bainbridge host Gilbert du Motier and company at the Charlestown Navy Yard. Boston Naval Shipyard, Boston
1824/08/28 In the morning, General Lafayette attends a reception at the Massachusetts State House. Massachusetts Statehouse, Boston
1824/08/28 Charles Greely Loring is commander of the New England Guards at the time of Lafayette's visit to Boston. Savin Hill Historic District, Boston
1824/08/28 General Lafayette inspects a military camp of New England Guards at Savin Hill in Dorchester. Savin Hill Historic District, Boston
1824/08/29 In Boston, Rev John J Palfrey leads Sunday service at the Brattle Street Meeting House (lost) where the Marquis de Lafayette sits in John Hancocks former pew.
1824/08/29 Lafayette pays a visit to John Adams at Peacefield. Later Lafayette remarks, "That was not the John Adams I knew". Later Adams will say, "That was not the Lafayette I knew". The Old House at Peacefield, Quincy
1824/08/31 At 8 am, Lafayette and his retinue breakfast in Marblehead, Massachusetts.
1824/08/31 Lafayette's party visits Concord, MA. At the North Bridge, Judge Samuel Hoar tells Lafayette that he is looking at the spot where "the first forcible resistance was made". This statement outraged people in Lexington. Old North Bridge, Concord, MA
1824/08/31 Lafayette's retinue visits the Lexington Battlefield MA. Lexington Green, Lexington, MA
1824/08/31 Lafayette's entourage dine in Salem, MA at 2pm. They were entertained William Gray's home at 176 Essex St (razed).
1824/08/31 Lafayette's entourage stays the night in Newburyport, MA as a guest of James Prince and enjoys a dinner served by Prince Stetson, owner of the Wolfe Tavern. Tracy Mansion, Newburyport Public Library, Newburyport
1824/09/01 Lafayette visits the home of the late Governor John Langdon, attends speeches at Jefferson Hall and a grand ball at Franklin Hall. During the night, Lafayette returns to Boston. Gov John Langdon Mansion, Portsmouth, NH
1824/09/02 Lafayette visits Boston and Lexington in Massachusetts.
1824/09/03 Lafayette visits Worcester, Massachusetts, and Tolland, Connecticut.
1824/09/03 Lafayette is entertained at the Rider Tavern. Rider Tavern, Charlton
1824/09/04 Lafayette visits Hartford and Middletown in Connecticut.
1824/09/05 Lafayette's retinue arrives in New York City.
1824/09/06 Lafayette celebrates his birthday with the Society of the Cincinnati in New York City, General John Lamb reads a ballad that had been composed in 1792.
1824/09/08 General Lafayette attends a grand oratorio concert by the New York Choral Society at St Paul's Chapel. St Paul's Chapel, New York City
1824/09/10 Nicholas and Elizabeth Fish entertain the Marquis de Lafayette one September evening. Hamilton Fish House, New York City
1824/09/11 Lafayette celebrates the 47th anniversary of the Battle of Brandywine with French residents in New York City.
1824/09/12 Marquis de Lafayette sails up the Hudson River to Albany sometime in September. Cherry Hill, Albany
1824/09/15 Col John Eager Howard (veteran of both the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812), sitting in the tent that Gen Washington had used in 1777 at Dorchester Heights, welcomes Lafayette on behalf of the Maryland branch of the Society of the Cincinnati.
1824/09/15 Lafayette and Alexander Hamilton's widow, Elizabeth, review the cadets at West Point. US Military Academy, West Point, West Point, NY
1824/09/20 Lafayette's entourage visits Princeton, NJ sometime in September. Princeton Battlefield, Princeton
1824/09/20 Lafayette's entourage visits Trenton, NJ around September. Trenton Battle Monument, Trenton
1824/09/28 General Lafayette is received by civil and military officers, 6000 uniformed volunteer militia and 150 Revolutionary War veterans on a plain a short distance from Philadelphia. The 4 mile long procession led him to a reception at Independence Hall.
1824/09/28 Thomas Sully intends to capture the image of Gen Lafayette standing under the Grand Civic Arch dressed in the clothes he typically wears on the tour: a dark suit with a cape. Sully will create a full-length pen-and-wash study in 1825. Independence Square, Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA
1824/09/28 General La Fayette is received by the Corporation of the City of Philadelphia in the Hall of Independence. Major William Jackson gives the welcoming speech before Lafayette gives his address. Independence Hall, Philadelphia, PA
1824/09/29 Based on observations of Lafayette at a dinner in Philadelphia, William Rush models a bust "Marquis de Lafayette" from memory.
1824/10/00 Lafayette's stays at the Lawrason Home at 301 S St Asaph Street in Alexandria. The city council asked Elizabeth Lawrason if she would lend the general her home because it is the most elegant in the city. She graciously moved out house during his stay.
1824/10/00 The Marquis de Lafayette addresses the citizens of Alexandria from the Benjamin Dulany House at 601 Duke Street. Alexandria, Virginia
1824/10/06 The Brandywine Academy bell is rung in honor of the visit by Marquis de Lafayette as his entourage moves down market Street. Brandywine Academy building, Wilmington, Wilmington, DE
1824/10/06 Lafayette is escorted to Wilmington, Delaware by the Grand Lodge of Delaware Masons where he enjoys a banquet in the long room of the Town Hall. Old Town Hall, Wilmington, DE
1824/10/06 Lafayette leaves his Wilmington Town Hall banquet early to give Dorcas Montgomery Van Dyke away as she marries Charles I du Pont. Kensey Johns Van Dyke House, New Castle, DE
1824/10/12 Lafayette's entourage arrives in the District of Columbia
1824/10/15 Lafayette is entertained at Arlington House, spends the night in Washington DC Arlington House, Arlington National Cemetery
1824/10/16 Gilbert du Motier tours the Washington Navy Yard. Washington Navy Yard, Washington, DC
1824/10/16 Marquis de Lafayette is honored at what is heralded as, 'one of the most brilliant of banquets'. The Marquis spent several days at Gadsby's Tavern during his tour. Gadsby's Tavern, Alexandria
1824/10/17 Lafayette visits Mount Vernon and the tombs of George Washington and George Washington Parke Custis. Mount Vernon Estate, VA, Mt Vernon, VA
1824/10/18 A fleet of vessels filled with Virginia militiamen, including many veterans who'd fought along with the general, meet Layfatte's ship in the Chesapeake Bay off New Point Comfort in Mathews and escort him to a specially constructed Yorktown wharf. New Point Comfort Lighthouse, New Point
1824/10/18 Lafayette's entourage arrives by steamer in Petersburg, VA and move on to Yorktown.
1824/10/18 In Yorktown, Gov James Pleasants and Virginia militia Gen Robert Barraud Taylor (hero of the 1813 Battle of Craney Island and a graduate of the College of William and Mary) laud Lafayette at length.
1824/10/18 Lafayette is escorted to the Washington's campaign tent erected on its original battlefield site, where a line of military officers shake his hand. Temporary monuments include a 45ft arch at Redoubt 10 and a 76ft obelisk at the British surrender site. Yorktown Battlefield, Yorktown, VA
1824/10/18 Lafayette celebrates the 43rd anniversary of the Battle of Yorktown at the Thomas Nelson House. Thomas Nelson House, Yorktown, VA
1824/10/18 Lafayette stays in the Peyton Randolph House. Peyton Randolph House, Williamsburg
1824/10/19 Lafayette visits Williamsburg and the College of William and Mary. Wren Building, College of William and Mary, Williamsburg
1824/10/19 At the Raleigh Tavern (rebuilt in 1931), Chief Justice John Marshall, Secretary of War John Calhoun and Layfette attend a banquet held in the French General's honor. Raleigh Tavern, Williamsburg
1824/10/20 Lafayette and his entourage ride to Jamestown. Jamestown National Historic Site, Jamestown JCC
1824/10/22 Lafayette is welcomed at Portsmouth with an artillery salute, a triumphal arch, local militia, Societies of the Borough and school children. The Arch is near the corner of Glasgow and Crawford St. Downtown Portsmouth Historic District (Virginia), Portsmouth
1824/10/22 General Lafayette's squad pays a visit to the United States Naval Yard in Norfolk. Quarters A, B and C, Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Portsmouth
1824/10/23 Lafayette inspects the unfinished Fort Monroe, reviews the Regiments and eats York River oysters and drinks, and then eats and drinks again. He attends a handsome cotillion party hosted by Eustis at Quarters No 1 and stays the night. Fort Monroe, Hampton
1824/10/25 Lafayette and company return to Norfolk, VA.
1824/10/26 Lafayette's retinue arrives in Richmond on a steamer from Norfolk for a ten day stay. George Washington's tent from the Revolution is set up on Capital Square. The tent is guarded by the Morgan Legion, including Edgar Allen Poe. Virginia Washington Monument, Richmond
1824/10/26 Lafayette dines with revolutionary veterans, Vice President John C Calhoun, John Brockenbrough, Governor James Pleasants and Chief Justice John Marshall. Governor's Mansion, Richmond
1824/10/27 Edgar Allan Poe, a Junior Morgan Riflemen, performs honor guard duty outside the Old Stone House during a parade for the Marquis de Lafayette. Poe Museum, Richmond
1824/10/28 Marquis de Lafayette visits Richmond Lodge Number 13. Mason's Hall, Richmond
1824/10/30 Lafayette's entourage enjoy horse races at Miles Selden's Tree Hill estate and is honored by jockeys and female students. Tree Hill, Richmond
1824/10/31 Marquis de Lafayette attends church at Monumental Church in Richmond, VA. Monumental Church, Richmond
1824/11/04 Lafayette, former Ambassador to France William C Rives and local dignitaries give speeches during a banquet at Boyd Tavern. Lafayette is then escorted to Monticello by Thomas J Randolph and the Albemarle Lafayette Guards. Boyd Tavern, Keswick
1824/11/04 Lafayette arrives at Thomas Jefferson's Monticello, "at the reposeful seat of his illustrious friend he was a week." Monticello, Charlottesville, VA
1824/11/08 Lafayette attends a banquet at the University of Virginia. University Of Virginia Historic District, Charlottesville, VA
1824/11/11 Marquis de Lafayette stays with the Madisons "where he received the limit of hospitality" Montpelier, Montpelier Station
1824/11/23 Lafayette arrives in Washington, DC where he is received at the White House by President James Monroe. The White House, Washington, DC
1824/12/06 On motion of George E Mitchell, it is resolved that a House committee to be appointed, to join such a committee as may be created by the Senate, to consider and report what respectful mode it may be proper for Congress to receive General Lafayette. United States Capitol, Washington, DC
1824/12/08 Lafayette is received at the United States Senate. Old Senate Chamber, United States Capitol
1824/12/09 Speaker of the House, Henry Clay introduces Lafayette at the House of Representatives. Congress pays Lafayette $200,000 for his distinguish serve to the United States, the amount he had spent of his own money on the war. The National Statuary Hall, United States Capitol
1824/12/15 Lafayette attends the first commencement ceremony of Columbian College, now George Washington University in Washington, DC.
1824/12/16 Lafayette spends the night visiting with Governor Samuel Sprigg. Northampton Plantation Slave Quarters, Bowie, MD
1824/12/17 Lafayette and his retinue are received at the State House. Col W R Stewart, from the Senate and by Gen Marriott, speaker of the House of Delegates, address the visitors. Maryland Statehouse, Annapolis, MD
1824/12/17 Lafayette is taken into the Senate chambers to see where Washington resigned. After he sees an old comrade from the war, they rush into each other's arms and weep like children. At Brandywine, Col Maynadier removed a bullet from Lafayette's leg. Maryland Statehouse, Annapolis, MD
1824/12/17 Lafayette and his retinue are attend a ball and dinner at McDowell Hall, St John's College. McDowell Hall, Annapolis, Annapolis, MD
1824/12/17 Lafayette tours Fort Severn (lost) and spends the night at the Governor's Mansion (lost). Built for Edmund Jennings, the mansion was razed in 1901. Fort Severn, now Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, was razed in 1909.
1824/12/18 On Saturday morning, Lafayette reviews military troops and judges a marksmanship competition on the green at St John's College. St John's College, Annapolis, Annapolis, MD
1824/12/18 After departing the St John's College Green, Lafayette takes a rest at Mrs Mary Steele's, before moving to the Governor's House. Ogle Hall, Annapolis, Annapolis, MD
1824/12/19 On North Street at State Circle, Lafayette attends Sunday services led by Rev Mr Bascomb at "Old Blue" Methodist Church (lost) in Annapolis, Maryland.
1824/12/20 Lafayette receives the ladies of Annapolis at Mr Williamson's Inn, now the Maryland Inn. The Maryland Inn, Annapolis, Annapolis, MD
1824/12/20 In the evening, Lafayette attends a party hosted by Mrs Mary Nevitt Steele in Annapolis, Maryland. Ogle Hall, Annapolis, Annapolis, MD
1824/12/24 Lafayette arrives at the Jug Bridge crossing the Monocacy River on the National Pike east of Frederick, MD.
1825/01/01 Lafayette attends a banquet hosted by Congress
1825/01/02 Lafayette inspects the frigate BRANDYWINE as she is equipped for service. Washington Navy Yard, Washington, DC
1825/01/09 General Lafayette is honored at a party in Washington, John Quincy Adams and Henry Clay also attend.
1825/01/19 Lafayette's party arrives in Baltimore
1825/01/20 Lafayette's entourage takes a steam boat to Norfolk, on his way to visit the legislature of Virginia at Richmond Virginia State Capitol, Richmond
1825/03/02 Lafayette visits Raleigh, North Carolina and visits with Colonel William Polk who had fought along side Lafayette at the Battle of Brandywine, March 2-3
1825/03/04 In a city named in his honor, Lafayette stays at the home of Duncan McRae in Fayetteville, North Carolina, March 4-5. Demolished, the site is now the courthouse.
1825/03/05 Gen Lafayette and his retinue are escorted to Cheraw in new carriages where they attend a reception at Dr Ellerbe's home. Built c 1820, the federal style residence has since been known as the Lafayette House. Lafayette House, Cheraw, Cheraw
1825/03/14 During three days in Charleston, Lafayette visits the Izard family's Elms Plantation (lost). A marker for the site is located at the end of Elms Plantation Blvd in North Charleston, South Carolina. North Charleston, South Carolina
1825/03/15 General Lafayette pays a call at the Gibbes House on South Battery in Charleston, South Carolina. William Gibbes House, Charleston, SC
1825/03/15 Lafayette arrives in Charleston, South Carolina and enjoys 3 days of balls, fireworks and reunions. The reunion with Francis Huger, son of his comrade Benjamin Huger was particularly significant in Charleston, since Francis had tried to free Lafayette. Daniel Elliott Huger House, Charleston, SC
1825/03/15 Over three days in Charleston, Lafayette visits the Heyward Washington House in Charleston, South Carolina. Heyward-Washington House, Charleston, SC
1825/03/18 Lafayette arrives in Beaufort, South Carolina to a 13-gun salute and speaks to citizens from the John Mark Verdier House John Mark Verdier House, Beaufort, SC
1825/03/19 Lafayette's entourage arrives in Savannah, Georgia
1825/03/21 Lafayette lays the foundation stone for the Nathanael Greene Monument on Johnson Square. Then proceeds to Chippewa Square to lay the cornerstone for the Count Casimir Pulaski Monument. Savannah Historic District, Savannah
1825/03/21 Lafayette lays the foundation stone for the Nathanael Greene Monument on Johnson Square. Then proceeds to Chippewa Square to lay the cornerstone for the Count Casimir Pulaski Monument. Savannah, Georgia
1825/03/23 Lafayette's party arrives in Augusta, GA via steam boat up the Savannah River
1825/03/24 Lafayette is entertained at a public banquet and a ball, in Augusta, GA. They stayed at the 1st Planter's Hotel (burn down 1836). The site, Jones St at Macartan St became Fire Department Headquarters, also known as Chemical No One. Broad Street Historic District, Augusta, GA
1825/03/25 Lafayette's entourage stays overnight in Warrenton, GA.
1825/03/26 Lafayette's entourage stopovers in Sparta, Georgia.
1825/03/27 Lafayette meets Revolutionary War veterans from nearby counties, including the veteran who helped carried him to safety after being wounded at Brandywine. The reunion was followed by a grand fete hosted by the Georgia Governor at the Old Capitol building. Old State Capitol, Milledgeville, Milledgeville
1825/03/27 Lafayette spends the night at the Gachet house, Lamar County, Georgia Benjamin Gachet House, Barnesville
1825/03/29 Lafayette's retinue lunches in Macon, GA
1825/03/29 Lafayette's entourage stops over at the Old Creek Indian Agency in western Crawford County, GA.
1825/03/30 Lafayette's retinue spends the night in log cabins in present-day Chattahoochee County, GA
1825/03/31 Lafayette's party crosses the Chattahoochee River into Alabama and spends the night at Fort Mitchell, Alabama Fort Mitchell Site, Fort Mitchell
1825/04/01 Lafayette's entourage leaves Fort Mitchell and travels with a military escort through Creek territory in Alabama
1825/04/03 Lafayette's company arrive in Montgomery
1825/04/04 Lafayette's entourage embarks on the BALIZE and the HENDERSON, and makes its way over the Alabama River through Selma, through the capital city of Cahaba and meets with members of the French Vine and Olive refugee colony (from near present day Demopolis)
1825/04/07 Lafayette's party stops over in Mobile
1825/04/08 Governor Pickens accompanied Lafayette by steamboat down Mobile Bay to Mobile Point, where he joined an official welcoming party from Louisiana. The retinue steams on the NATCHEZ (built in 1823) to New Orleans
1825/04/11 Lafayette's party arrives in Chalmette, Louisiana (site of the Battle of New Orleans) Chalmette Unit of Jean Lafitte NHP Historic District, Chalmette
1825/04/11 Lafayette's entourage celebrates in New Orleans for several days, staying at The Cabildo. The Cabildo, New Orleans
1825/04/15 Lafayette's party departs New Orleans, steams up the Mississippi River on the NATCHEZ (Fire destroyed the NATCHEZ, New Orleans, 4 September 1835)
1825/04/16 Lafayette visits Duncan's Point, eight miles below Baton Rouge, and is welcomed in Baton Rouge with a reception and banquet, leaves just before nightfall
1825/04/29 Lafayette visits St Louis, Missouri, April 29-30
1825/05/04 Lafayette's party arrives in Nashville, Tennessee
1825/05/08 The steamboat MECHANIC sinks in the Ohio River, dumping Lafayette's party into the water, all passengers reach the shore safely
1825/05/09 Lafayette's party is rescued by the steamboat PARAGON
1825/05/11 Lafayette's company sojourns in Louisville, Kentucky, May 11-13
1825/05/14 Lafayette attends dinner and a ball in Frankfort, KY
1825/05/15 Lafayette spends the night at the home of Major John Keene, east of Lexington, KY Keeneland Racetrack, Lexington, KY
1825/05/16 Lafayette attends a military parade, speaks at Transylvania University and at the Lexington Female Academy in Lexington KY, May 16-17 Old Morrison, Transylvania College, Lexington, KY
1825/05/17 Marquis de Lafayette leaves Lexington for Georgetown. It is believed he spends the evening at the Blue Springs, the Scott County home of Col Richard M Johnson. It was five miles from Georgetown, on what is today US 460, near its jct with US 227. Georgetown, KY, Kentucky
1825/05/18 Lafayette leaves Georgetown for Williamstown, KY. Consensus is that he stops at the home of Cap William Arnold in Williamstown and is said to have had breakfast. Lafayette, who knew Arnold in the Revolutionary War, stays with Arnold for two hours.
1825/05/18 Lafayette stays for the night at the Gaines Tavern, 20 miles south of Cincinnati. Sources say in Williamstown, but the schedule lends itself more to Walton, and Walton fits the 20-mile description. Gaines house is about a mile north of Walton. Col Abner Gaines House, Walton
1825/05/19 Lafayette (probably) stops at the tavern of Alexander Connelly at the corner of 2nd and Garrard in Covington, Kentucky, before being rowed across the Ohio River to Cincinnati. Covington, Kentucky
1825/05/19 Lafayette is rowed across the Ohio in an elaborate six-oared barge to Cincinnati about midday.
1825/05/21 After some days in Cincinnati, Lafayette takes the steamer Herald upriver, and arrives in Maysville, Kentucky, for a couple of hours on the afternoon of 21 May 1825. Maysville, Kentucky
1825/05/21 About noon, Lafayette's party move up Fish St to 2nd, 2nd to Main Cross and down Main Cross to Capt Langhorne's hotel, where he receives visitors and has lunch. At two pm, they returned to the steamer, proceeding up Main Cross to Second, down Second to M Maysville, Kentucky
1825/05/24 Lafayette visits Wheeling, Virginia
1825/05/25 Lafayette visits Washington, Pennsylvania, dining at the Pioneer Grill in The George Washington Hotel and staying at the Globe Inn.
1825/05/29 Lafayette stops over at Braddock
1825/05/30 Lafayette visits Pittsburgh, May 30-31
1825/06/01 Lafayette spends the night in Butler, Pennsylvania.
1825/06/04 Lafayette gives a speech at Eagle Tavern, Lafayette Square, Buffalo, then travels along the unfinished Erie Canal from Buffalo across New York.
1825/06/07 Lafayette meets local Revolutionary War veterans at Silvius Hoard's Tavern, Rochester
1825/06/09 Deputies from Utica, of which, Judge Williams, was chairman, with Col Lansing and Judge Storrs, proceed to meet Lafayette. At Rome they are joined by Gen Weaver, Col Lansing, Judge Williams and Judge Storrs and proceed up the canal to meet the general.
1825/06/09 The general, his son, Col Lafayette, Le Vasscur, his secretary and another friend, are brought by carriage to the arsenal (razed), where they are received by Lt Simonson with a national salute before and then carried on to Starrs Hotel (razed).
1825/06/10 Theodore Faxton secures six dashing gray horses, harnesses them with silver-plated harness to a borrowed Van Rensselaer carriage, and drives to Whitesboro, to receive General Lafayette as he leaves the boat. Whitesboro, New York
1825/06/10 Seated in a barouche with Judge Williams, Lafayette enters Lafayette St (where troops salute the general) then moves down Genesee St, the sidewalks, doors and windows being thronged, to Shepard's Hotel, where the general is received by Utica. Utica, NY, New York
1825/06/17 Lafayette lays the cornerstone of Bunker Hill Monument at the 50th Anniversary Celebration. Lafayette takes dirt from the excavation of the monument back to France to be use at his burial. Bunker Hill Monument, Boston
1825/06/23 General Lafayette and his entourage spend the night in Dover, New Hampshire.
1825/06/24 Lafayette takes breakfast at the invitation of local townspeople in South Berwick, Maine.
1825/06/27 Lafayette's entourage arrives in Claremont, New Hampshire.
1825/06/28 Lafayette's party crosses the Cornish Bridge into Vermont, travels to Woodstock, takes a stagecoach to Barnard and Royalton Cornish-Windsor Covered Bridge, Windsor, VT
1825/06/28 Lafayette arrives in Randolph, VT, meets Justin S Morrill and Senator Dudley Chase
1825/06/28 Lafayette's party crosses the Cornish Bridge into Vermont, travels to Woodstock, takes a stagecoach to Barnard and Royalton Cornish-Windsor Covered Bridge, Cornish City
1825/06/28 Lafayette travels with Gov Cornelius P Van Ness through Barre to a celebration in Montpelier, Supreme Court Judge Elijah Paine gives a speech. Lafayette spends the night at The Pavilion (razed, the current building is a 1971 reconstruction).
1825/06/29 Lafayette meets with women's groups in Montpelier, travels to Burlington, Vermont and Whitehall, New York.
1825/07/00 Lafayette's entourage visits Port Deposit, Havre de Grace, Maryland and spends two days in Baltimore
1825/07/04 General Lafayette lays the cornerstone for the Brooklyn Apprentices' Library, the nucleus of the Brooklyn Museum, at Henry St and Cranberry St (razed). Brooklyn Museum, New York City
1825/07/14 In New York City, Lafayette inspects the 2nd Battalion, 11th New York Artillery. The 2nd Battalion became known as the 'National Guard' in honor of Lafayette's Garde National de Paris.
1825/07/14 Paterson, new Jersey receives General LaFayette in Hamilton Square.
1825/07/14 Lafayette attends a banquet at Sansay House in Morristown, New Jersey. Sansay House, Morristown
1825/07/15 Lafayette attends a reception at Madison House in Bottle Hill (Madison, New Jersey) on his way to Springfield. Bottle Hill Historic District, Madison
1825/07/15 Built ca 1780 on Nassau Street opposite Bainbridge House (now at 19 Vandeventer), the Beatty House serves as lodging for Lafayette. Beatty House, Princeton, Princeton
1825/07/20 Lafayette visits Germantown, Philadelphia Wyck House, Philadelphia, PA
1825/07/20 Lafayette visits Germantown, Philadelphia Cliveden, Chew House, Philadelphia, PA
1825/07/20 Lafayette visits Philadelphia, including Chestnut Hill, and receives a reception at Musical Fund Hall. Musical Fund Hall, Philadelphia, PA
1825/07/25 Lafayette's party stops over in Wilmington, Delaware.
1825/07/26 From Chester, Penn, Lafayette arrives at Chadds Ford where he visits with the sick and aged Gideon Gilpin and shows his son and companions the Brandywine Battlefield. Lafayette spends the night in West Chester. Gilpin Homestead, Chadds Ford
1825/07/26 From Chester, Penn, Lafayette arrives at Chadds Ford where he visits with the sick and aged Gideon Gilpin and shows his son and companions the Brandywine Battlefield. Lafayette spends the night in West Chester. Brandywine Battlefield, Chadds Ford
1825/07/27 Lafayette's party leaves West Chester for Lancaster
1825/08/00 Marquis de Lafayette returns to Montpelier where he visits with 104 year old, retired slave, Granny Milly, her daughters and granddaughters (the youngest was 70). Montpelier, Montpelier Station
1825/08/00 Gilbert du Motier's company returns to Mount Vernon. Mount Vernon Estate, VA, Mt Vernon, VA
1825/08/09 Marquis de Lafayette stops at the Berkeley House in Aldie and travels up the old Carolina Road to Oak Hill. Berkeley House, Aldie, Aldie
1825/08/09 John Q Adams and Marquis de Lafayette visit James Monroe at Oak Hill. General Lafayette holds 6 month old Edmund Berkeley. Oak Hill, Leesburg
1825/08/09 Two of Will Mason's daughters are baptized at Temple Hall. Gilbert du Motier becomes godfather to Mary Carroll. President John Q Adams and former President James Monroe serve as godfathers to Maria Louisa. Temple Hall, Leesburg, Leesburg
1825/08/25 Marquis de Lafayette breakfast with William Jones at Ellwood Manor during his tour of America. Ellwood Manor, Wilderness Battlefield
1825/09/00 Lafayette tours the Navy Yard before heading to Arlington to dine with Mrs Custis. Washington Navy Yard, Washington, DC
1825/09/06 Lafayette addresses a joint session of the US Congress in Washington, DC The National Statuary Hall, United States Capitol
1825/09/06 Lafayette celebrates his 68th birthday at a White House banquet with President John Q Adams. The White House, Washington, DC
1825/09/07 A tearful Marquis de Lafayette embraces President John Quincy Adams after delivering a farewell speech at the entrance to the White House. The White House, Washington, DC
1825/09/07 Lafayette's party leaves Washington DC and returns to France on the frigate USS BRANDYWINE.

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