Funeral of Abraham Lincoln



Y/M/D Description Place
1865/04/19 On Hanover Square in Syracuse, Hon Charles B Sedgwick eulogizes Abraham Lincoln. Hanover Square Historic District, Syracuse, NY
1865/04/20 Pennsylvania Gov Andrew Curtain ask A G Happer to accompany him on the train escorting Abraham Lincoln's casket to his home in Springfield, Illinois.
1865/04/21 Abraham Lincoln's Funeral Train departs from Washington, DC. A military guard placed Lincoln's casket in the ninth car of a funeral train draped in black. The casket of Lincoln's son William is also aboard for the trip back to the Illinois.
1865/04/24 New Yorkers pay their respects to the fallen president lying in state on a bier at City Hall. After viewing the body, Augustus Saint-Gaudens waits in line for hours to view Lincoln a second time. New York City Hall, New York City
1865/04/25 Abraham Lincoln's funeral train arrives in New York City's Hudson River Station (lost). James Farley Post Office, New York City
1865/04/25 Lincoln's cortege moves down Broadway, passing the home of Cornelius Van Schaack Roosevelt (SW corner of Broadway and 14th St, razed) where his 7 year old grandson, Theodore, watches from a 2nd-floor window. Union Square Park, New York City
1865/04/26 Tens of thousands of people pay their last respects to Abraham Lincoln as his funeral train stops briefly at Vanderbilt Square Station (lost) in Syracuse.
1865/04/29 President Abraham Lincoln's funeral train makes a stop in Crestline, Ohio. Crestline, Ohio
1865/04/29 The body of Abraham Lincoln lays in state at the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus, Ohio. By 6 pm more than 50,000 people will pass through the Statehouse Rotunda to see the President in repose. Ohio Statehouse, Columbus
1865/05/03 Lincoln's body lays in state in Representatives Hall, May 3-4 1865, at the State Capitol in Springfield, Illinois. Old State Capitol, Springfield
1865/05/04 Funeral service for Abraham Lincoln in Springfield, Illinois. Lincoln Tomb, Springfield

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