Prendergast Case



Y/M/D Description Place
1893/10/28 Mayor Harrison delivers a speech to 5000 mayors and city councilman at the Chicago World's Fair
1893/10/28 Patrick Prendergast shoots Carter H Harrison three times with a 38 caliber revolver at the mayor's home (231 Ashland Blvd, demolished). Mr Harrison died about 40 minutes later.
1893/10/29 Coroner's jury votes to remand the Prendergast case to a grand jury, the coroner's inquest was held at the victim's house.
1893/11/00 Thousands of mornors attend Mayor Harrison's funeral, ending at Graceland Cemetary Graceland Cemetery, Chicago
1894/02/20 Attorney Clarence Darrow, junior counsel for the defense, argues for a new trial for Patrick Eugene Prendergast

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True Crime: Murder
Area of Significance: True Crime

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