Andersonville Trial



Y/M/D Description Place
1864/04/00 Henry Wirz is appointed commandant of Camp Sumter military prison at Andersonville, Georgia. Andersonville National Historic Site, Andersonville, GA
1865/05/00 Camp Sumter military prison is liberated. Of the 45,000 soldiers held at Andersonville, 13,000 died. During the worst months, over 100 men died each day. The chief causes of death were scurvy, diarrhea and dysentery. Andersonville National Historic Site, Andersonville, GA
1865/05/07 Henry Wirz is placed in the Old Capitol Prison at Washington, DC.
1865/08/00 President Andrew Johnson orders that all charges against Confederate Officers be dropped, but calls for Henry Wirz to be charged with "wanton cruelty".
1865/08/21 Henry Wirz appears before the military commission headed by Major General Lew Wallace.
1865/11/06 After more than 150 witnesses, including a man from his own prison staff, testify to Wirz's harsh treatment and punishment of Prisoners for minor violations. Henry Wirz is found guilty of War Crimes against Union troops imprisoned at Andersonville. United States Capitol, Washington, DC
1865/11/10 Guarded by 120 soldiers, a crowd of 200 spectators watch as Henry Wirz is hanged at the Old Capitol Prison in Washington DC, now the site of the US Supreme Court building. Wirz was buried at Mount Olivet Cemetery in Washington, DC. United States Supreme Court Building, Washington, DC

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Legal Proceeding: Trial

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