Hague Conventions of 1899 and 1907



Y/M/D Description Place
1898/08/24 Russian Tsar Nicholas II proposes a peace conference to discuss world disarmament. The Tsar hopes to spare his country the financial burden of having to match the arms expenditures of Germany and Austria.
1899/05/18 The First International Peace Conference opens on Russian Tsar Nicholas II's birthday. Huis ten Bosch, The Hague
1899/07/29 The First International Peace Conference, the Hague treaties and declarations are signed and are entered into force on 4 September 1900. Huis ten Bosch, The Hague
1904/00/00 US President Theodore Roosevelt recommends an international peace conference, but it was postponed because of the war between Russia and Japan.
1907/06/15 The Second International Peace Conference at the Hague, Netherlands opens. The conference concluded on the 18 October 1907. Binnenhof and Buitenhof, 'Gevangenpoort, The Hague
1910/04/27 At the American embassy in Paris, TR receives Premier Leon Bourfeois and Baron D'Estournelles De Constant. M Bourgeois, after saying that TR was responsible for the 2nd peace conference at The Hague, declares that he looked forward to a 3rd conference.

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