Death of US President William Harrison



Y/M/D Description Place
1841/04/04 On Sunday, President William Harrison dies in The White House. His doctor, Thomas Miller, diagnosed Harrison's cause of death as "pneumonia of the lower lobe of the right lung". The White House, Washington, DC
1841/04/05 At sunrise, State Department chief clerk Fletcher Webster and Senate assistant doorkeeper Robert Beale, deliver a letter from the cabinet reporting that President Harrison had died of pneumonia the previous day.
1841/04/05 After a quick breakfast, Tyler embarks on a hurried journey from his plantation in Williamsburg, Virginia, by horseback and boat that places him back in the nation's capital at 4 am the following day.
1841/04/06 John Tyler takes the US Presidential Oath of Office, moves into the White House, and assumes full presidential powers, a precedent that would govern future extraordinary successions and eventually become codified in the Twenty-fifth Amendment. The White House, Washington, DC
1841/04/07 A simple funeral ceremony is held for William Henry Harrison in the East Room and attended only by invitation. The US Marine Band plays dirges as the coffin is mounted on a great black and white funeral car. White House East Room, The White House
1841/04/07 William Henry Harrison's funeral is held in the Wesley Chapel (razed) in Cincinnati, Ohio.
1841/04/07 William H Harrison's funeral car makes a procession to Congressional Cemetery where the coffin is placed in a public vault, a temporary receiving chamber until a more appropriate time to send Harrison's remains home to Ohio. Public Vault, Congressional Cemetery, DC, Congressional Cemetery
1841/06/00 Archibald Henderson visits Henderson Hall, while accompanying the body of President William Henry Harrison to its final place of rest at North Bend, Ohio. Henderson Hall Historic District, Williamstown
1841/07/07 William Henry Harrison's remains are buried in North Bend, Ohio. William Henry Harrison Tomb State Memorial, North Bend

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