King George and Queen Elizabeth Whitehouse Banquet



Y/M/D Description Place
1939/06/08 Guests assemble in the White House's East Room before moving to the State Dining Room for dinner, served on a gold table service in use since the Madison administration. White House East Room, The White House
1939/06/08 Clam Cocktail
1939/06/08 Calf's head soup
1939/06/08 Terrapin (fresh water turtle)
1939/06/08 Corn bread
1939/06/08 Boned capon
1939/06/08 Cranberry sauce, peas, buttered beets
1939/06/08 Sweet-potatoe Cone
1939/06/08 Frozen Cheese and Cress salad
1939/06/08 Maple and Almond Ice Cream
1939/06/08 White Pound Cake and Coffee

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