Y/M/D Description Place
1776/06/00 Built in 1774 by Marquis Claude de Jouffroy's, the 40-foot PALMIPEDE, equipped with a Newcomen steam engine, makes its sea trials in June and July of 1776 on the Doubs river between Besancon and Montbeliard. Bourgogne-Franche-Comte, France
1783/07/15 Powered by a James Watt double-acting steam engine, De Jouffroy demonstrates his 148 foot PYROSCAPHE on the River Saone at Lyon. With crowds cheering The PYROSCAPHE heads upstream at 6 mph, but after 15 minutes, De Jouffroy docks boat and takes a bow. Historic Site of Lyons, Lyons
1803/08/09 Robert Fulton's steamboat sinks, he had been testing his steamboat on the Seine Rive near the Quai des Bonshommes Seine in Paris,
1807/08/00 Fulton installs his steam engine in the CLERMONT, construction of the boat began in the winter of 1806-1807 and was launched in the spring.

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Machine: Steam Engine
Power: Steam Power
Boat Attribute: Steamboat

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