Y/M/D Description Place
1776/06/00 Built in 1774 by Marquis Claude de Jouffroy's, the 40-foot PALMIPEDE, equipped with a Newcomen steam engine, makes its sea trials in June and July of 1776 on the Doubs river between Besancon and Montbeliard. Bourgogne-Franche-Comte, France
1783/07/15 Powered by a James Watt double-acting steam engine, De Jouffroy demonstrates his 148 foot PYROSCAPHE on the River Saone at Lyon. With crowds cheering The PYROSCAPHE heads upstream at 6 mph, but after 15 minutes, De Jouffroy docks boat and takes a bow. Historic Site of Lyons, Lyon
1803/08/09 Robert Fulton's steamboat sinks during test runs on the Seine River near the Quai des Bonshommes in Paris, France. Seine in Paris,
1807/00/00 Beginning in 1807, the Revere mill in Canton, Massachusetts, provides heavy copper sheets to Robert Fulton to be used to manufacture boilers in many of his steamboats. Paul Revere Heritage Site, Canton
1807/08/00 Fulton installs his steam engine in the NORTH RIVER STEAMBOAT. Launched in the spring, construction of the 'CLERMONT' was began in the winter of 1806-1807.
1866/00/00 James Lee establishes the Lee Line of river steamboats with its home port in Memphis, Tennessee. Their packets and excursion boats will run on the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers between Cincinnati and New Orleans. Memphis, TN, Tennessee

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Machine: Steam Engine
Power: Steam Power
Boat Attribute: Steamboat

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