Anglo-Irish Treaty of 1921



Y/M/D Description Place
1921/02/13 Winston Churchill is appointed Secretary of State for the Colonies. He is a member of the Cabinet committee that negotiates a treaty with the leaders of the Irish Rebellion.
1921/12/06 Anglo-Irish Treaty is signed in London by representatives of the British government (including PM David Lloyd George, head of the British delegates) and by representatives of the Irish Republic including Michael Collins and Arthur Griffith.
1922/01/07 The Anglo-Irish Treaty is ratified in the Round Room at Mansion House, Dublin. The ratification ends the Anglo Irish War, declares Ireland as a Free State and causes the Civil War. Mansion House, Dublin, Dublin
1922/01/16 Before absenting himself, UK's Lord Lieutenant, Lord Fitzalan, gives Collins on a tour of the seat of British rule in Ireland, showing which keys opened which doors. Collins takes possession of Dublin Castle on behalf of the Irish provisional government. Dublin Castle, Dublin

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