Creation of the Lincoln Highway


Y/M/D Description Place
1912/00/00 The state of Iowa has about 107,000 miles of road, most of these are referred to as "wagon" roads indicates their condition and their use. Iowa's mud is legendary, roads are virtually impassable in bad weather.
1913/00/00 Beginning in 1913, Carl Fisher develops the Lincoln Highway, from New York to San Francisco.
1913/09/14 Transcontinental route of the Lincoln Highway is announced. Of the nearly 2,500,000 miles of roads in the United States, 93 percent are unimproved dirt roads.
1913/10/31 A meeting will be held in every town along the Transcontinental Highway in Iowa on the night of October 31st to ratify the selection of it as the Lincoln Highway across the state. Iowa, United States of America
1914/10/00 Using concrete donated by the Lehigh Portland Cement Company, construction work on the first "Seedling Mile" of the paving of the Lincoln Highway is begun early in October near Malta, Illinois, just west of DeKalb. DeKalb, IL, Illinois
1915/03/01 Celia D Clemmens, fommer employee at Lowden's Railroad Hotel, and her husband, A F, buy a corner lot at Main and Clinton Strs, on the Lincoln Highway. At the rear there is a livery stable, across the street a wagon shop and a buggy repository. Lincoln Hotel, Lowden, Lowden, IA
1928/00/00 Lincoln Highway Marker (1), Jefferson

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