League of Nations



Y/M/D Description Place
1916/00/00 Woodrow Wilson host the "League to Enforce Peace" meetings in the lobby of the Willard Hotel Willard Hotel, Washington, DC
1919/07/10 President Wilson presents the Treaty of Versailles to the US Senate. The treaty will require Germany to pay reparations for damages, relinquishes her colonies and to establish the League of Nations to execute the treaty. US Senate Chamber, United States Capitol
1919/09/25 During a schedule 8,000 mile, 22 day tour of the United States to promote the creation of the League of Nations, Wilson, suffering from constant headaches, collapses from exhaustion in Pueblo, Colorado.
1919/11/30 Churchill's "Will America Fail Us?" is published in the Illustrated Sunday Herald. Churchill explains to the British people why America was retreating into isolationism and away from the Treaty of Versailles and the League of Nations.
1938/00/00 Palace of Nations is built between 1929 and 1938 to serve as the headquarters of the League of Nations. Palais des Nations, Geneva

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