Smithsonian-Roosevelt African Expedition


Y/M/D Description Place
1909/03/23 Roosevelt and his expeditionary party leave New York for Africa outfitted by the Smithsonian Institution to collect specimens for the Smithsonian's new Natural History museum, now known as the National Museum of Natural History. Smithsonian Institution Building, Washington, DC
1909/04/05 Theodore Roosevelt and retinue arrive in Naples, Italy. Naples, Campania
1909/04/21 Roosevelt expedition arrives in Mombasa. From there, Roosevelt and his party travel through British East Africa, the Belgian Congo, and Sudan. Mombasa, Kenya
1910/00/00 TR enjoys his African hunting trip, cruising his riverboat on the Nile River in Sudan. Sudan,
1910/03/14 The Roosevelt expedition ends its trip in Khartoum, Sudan, having acquired thousands of natural specimens.
1910/04/16 Francis Joseph I, Emperor of Austria-Hungary, gives a dinner at the Schoenbrunn palace in Mr Roosevelt's honor, at which many members of the cabinet and court officials are present. Schonbrunn Palace, Palace and Gardens of Schonbrunn
1910/04/20 Aboard the Orient Express, Theodore and Kermit Roosevelt arrive at the Gare de l'Est in Paris. Gare de l'Est, Paris
1910/04/23 Theodore Roosevelt peruses the University of Paris (Sorbonne). Sorbonne Universite, Paris
1910/04/25 Author Edith Wharton has Theodore and Edith Roosevelt over for tea. Edith Roosevelt and Edith Wharton are distant cousins. Residence de Wharton Vanderbilt, Paris
1910/04/27 At the American embassy in Paris, TR receives Premier Leon Bourfeois and Baron D'Estournelles De Constant. M Bourgeois, after saying that TR was responsible for the 2nd peace conference at The Hague, declares that he looked forward to a 3rd conference.
1910/04/27 Robert Bacon, TR, Jules Jusserand, French Ambassador to the US and Gen Jean B Dalstein, Military Governor of Paris, review troops and observe military maneuvers at the Chateau de Vincennes. Chateau de Vincennes, Paris
1910/04/27 After viewing the paintings and sculpture, TR and Jusserand walk in the garden of Luxembourg. Luxembourg Gardens, Paris
1910/04/27 Colonel Roosevelt goes to Issy-Les-Moulineaux, where, as the guest of the Academy of Sports, he witnesses aeroplane flying. A dinner in his honor, followed by a reception, was given at the American embassy by Ambassador and Mrs Bacon.
1910/04/27 President Fallieres, through Commandant Bard, presents TR with a tapestry, the design of which is a copy of Gerome's painting, "Love Mounted on a Hippogriff". Made at the government factory at Beauvias, it involved several years' work.
1910/05/02 Roosevelt, Crown Prince Christian (later King Christian X), Kermit, Edith, and Ethel enter carriages in Copenhagen, Denmark. The carriage with Roosevelt and Prince Christian arrives at Amalienborg Palace, Copenhagen. TR visited Denmark May 2-3, 1910 Amalienborg Palace, Copenhagen
1910/05/03 Roosevelt and entourage arrive and visit, then bid hosts goodbye at Kronborg Castle, Denmark. Roosevelt and the Egans board the steamer Queen Maud. The ship sails past Kronborg Castle, a Danish naval ship, and returns to Copenhagen. Kronborg Castle, Helsingor
1910/05/03 Theodore Roosevelt's carriages arrive at the wharf in Helsingor, Denmark 2nd or 3rd of May. Helsingor, Denmark
1910/05/04 Roosevelt visits King Haakon in Christiania (now Oslo) on May 4-6, 1910.
1910/05/05 Roosevelt and Kermit arrive by carriage at the National Theater in Oslo. In front of 2,000 and despite hoarseness, TR delivers his acceptance speech for the 1906 Nobel Peace Prize. Oslo, NO, Norway
1910/05/05 Roosevelt, King Haakon, Edith Roosevelt, Queen Maud, Ethel Roosevelt, Kermit Roosevelt, and others take carriages from the railroad station in Oslo, Norway. Oslo, NO, Norway
1910/05/05 Crowds gather outside King Frederick University, Oslo. Oslo, NO, Norway
1910/05/12 TR visits Berlin including the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag. Brandenburg Gate, Berlin
1910/05/12 TR visits Berlin including the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag. Reichstag, Berlin
1910/05/12 TR, Kaiser Wilhelm, the Kaiserin and others visit the University of Berlin. TR delivers a lecture entitled "The World Movement" at the University. Humboldt University of Berlin, Berlin
1910/05/20 King Edward VII cortege passes through the streets of London. Attending the ceremony qre Kaiser Wilhelm II, Stephen Pichon, Kings of Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Archduke Franz Ferdinand and Theodore Roosevelt, representing the United States. Westminster Abbey, London, London
1910/05/20 Edward VII is buried in St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle. Windsor Castle, Windsor
1910/06/18 Aboard the ocean liner Kaiserin Auguste Victoria, Mr and Mrs Roosevelt are met by a revenue cutter, the Manhattan, carrying the Roosevelt children. TR then boards a larger cutter, the Androscoggin, and officially becomes a guest of the city.
1910/06/18 The Androscoggin sails up the Hudson River along the New Jersey shore to W 59th St and back down the Manhattan shore to Battery Park, followed by a water parade of almost one hundred vessels.
1910/06/18 TR's arrives in NYC and is greeted by Mayor William J Gaynor, Henry Cabot Lodge and William Loeb and Cornelius Vanderbilt, the chairman of the welcoming committee, at Battery Park, one of a number of elaborate festivities in New York City. Battery, NYC,
1910/06/18 TR, Mayor William Gaynor and Cornelius Vanderbilt III ride together in an open carriage, preceded by the Rough Riders, up Broadway and 5th Ave to the 59th St Plaza. Also in the parade were about 2000 other veterans of the Spanish-American War.
1910/08/00 Roosevelt publishes "African Game Trails", a collection of monthly articles he wrote for "Scribner's Magazine" describing his expedition.

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