Marriage of Ellen Mackay and Irving Berlin



Y/M/D Description Place
1924/05/23 At a New York dinner party hosted by Frances Wellman, Ellin Mackay meets Irving Berlin . Berlin had been invited as a last-minute replacement. Duncan-Mackay Mansion, New York City
1926/00/00 Berlin writes the song, Always, for Ellen. Becoming a No 1 hit in 1926, Berlin signed the rights to "Always" over to her in perpetuity as a wedding present soon after they were married and her father disinherited her.
1926/01/04 Ms Ellin Mackay walks out of 3 East 75th with only the clothes she is wearing and, taking her first subway ride, meets Irving Berlin. Duncan-Mackay Mansion, New York City
1926/01/04 Ellin Mackay, a Catholic, marries Irvine Berlin, a Jew, in a rushed ceremony at New York City's Municipal Building. The question of religion in connection with the marriage, said Berlin, would be considered later, if at all. Municipal Building, New York City

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