Benedict Arnold's Raid on Richmond 1781



Y/M/D Description Place
1781/01/00 General Thomas Nelson, with militia, prevents turncoat Benedict Arnold from landing at Burwell's Ferry. Kingsmill Plantation, Williamsburg
1781/01/01 From the 1st to the 3rd of January, Arnold's fleet sail up the James River, laying waste to plantations and settlements along the way.
1781/01/03 Governor Thomas Jefferson and the Council of State hastily order out the militia. Jefferson spends two days on horseback, personally ensuring the safety of records and supplies.
1781/01/04 British regulars land at Westover Plantation and ready themselves for the assault against Richmond. In the afternoon, Arnold and his men disembarked on foot towards Richmond. Westover Plantation, Charles City, VA
1781/01/04 British Gen Benedict Arnold lands troops at Kennon's Landing and others at Westover. Fort Pocahontas, Charles City, VA
1781/01/05 Arnold's forces march triumphantly into Richmond, described by an eyewitness as "undisturbed by even a single shot." Richmond, Virginia
1781/01/05 From his HQ at Main Street's City Tavern (he would stay in Richmond for a day), Arnold wrote a letter to Jefferson, saying that if he could move the city's tobacco stores and military arms to his ships, he would leave Richmond unharmed.
1781/01/06 Livid, Jefferson's sends his response, refusing that a turncoat do anything to Richmond's supplies. Upon receiving the letter, Arnold is enraged, destroys extensive military stores before retiring to an encampment near Portsmouth.
1781/01/10 Turncoat Benedict Arnold pillages Berkeley Plantation, removing and burning all family portraits, most of Harrison's possessions and destroying a large portion of the house. Berkeley Plantation, Charles City, VA
1781/03/14 George Washington orders the Marquis de Lafayette and 1200 troops to march south to the aid of Virginia. Lafayette responds to his new command with Most Ardent Zeal, also launching a friendship with Thomas Jefferson.

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