1793 Yellow Fever Epidemic



Y/M/D Description Place
1793/07/00 The first major American yellow fever epidemic arrives in Philadelphia. Dr Rush believes the outbreak began in a mound of coffee beans rotting on the a dock. Old City, Philly,
1793/07/28 After a short, but server illness, Mary Long Tobias, wife of Tobias Lear, dies of Yellow Fever in Philadelphia.
1793/07/29 Mary Long Tobias, wife of Tobias Lear, is buried at Christ Church, Philadelphia. Christ Church Burial Ground, Philadelphia, PA
1793/07/29 George Washington attends as Mary Long Tobias, wife of Tobias Lear, is buried at Christ Church, Philadelphia. Christ Church Burial Ground, Philadelphia, PA
1793/08/00 Benjamin Rush treats his patients with "heroic medicine", including copiously bleeding and large quantities of mercury.
1793/08/00 Dr Philip Syng Physick stays in the Philadelphia to treat the sick during the yellow fever epidemic
1793/08/00 Bishop White sends his family to their home on Old Mill Ln to avoid Yellow Fever, but he himself stays in Philadelphia to minister to the suffering. Rose Valley Historic District, Rose Valley
1793/09/00 The Free African Society form a paramedical staff which will save 200-300 lives during the yellow fever epidemic. Answering Dr Rush's plea for help, the Society provided all medical and health services from nursing the sick to burial of the dead. Mother Bethel AME Church, Philadelphia, PA
1793/09/20 Dr Rush believes the body should rid itself of excess bile causing the disease: I now added gamboge to the calomel. Two grains and an half of each made into a pill, were given to an adult every six hours until they procured four or five stools. - BR
1793/09/29 Samuel Powel dies of Yellow Fever. He is interred at Christ Church Burial Ground, Philadelphia Christ Church Burial Ground, Philadelphia, PA
1793/10/14 Dolley Todd loses her husband, John Todd, and her infant son, William Temple Todd, to Yellow Fever
1793/11/16 President Washington avoids the President's house in central Philadelphia and takes shelter in Isaac Franks' house during the yellow fever epidemic, November 16 to 30. Germantown 'White House', Philadelphia, PA
1793/11/30 Washington meets with his cabinet (Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, Henry Knox and Edmund Randolph) in Isaac Franks' house four times between November 16 and 30, 1793. Germantown 'White House', Philadelphia, PA
1800/00/00 The Lazaretto is built to processes immigrants and deal with contagious diseases, 1799-1800 The Lazaretto, Essington

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