H L HUNLEY's Final Mission



Y/M/D Description Place
1863/08/12 The H L HUNLEY arrives in Charleston, South Carolina, by train on the morning of August 12th. Representatives are soon granted an audience with besieged Charleston's military commander, PGT Beauregard.
1864/02/17 Commanded by Lt Dixon, about 4 miles off Breach Inlet in Sullivan's Island, the H L HUNLEY places a 135 lb torpedo below the waterline of the USS Housatonic. The Housatonic burns for three minutes before sinking, killing five sailors. Sullivan's Island, SC, South Carolina
1864/02/17 The H L HUNLEY surfaces and signals their comrades at Fort Moultrie on Sullivan's Island with a blue magnesium light, indicating a successful mission. Fort Moultrie, Sullivan's Island, SC
1864/02/17 The H L HUNLEY, along with First Lt Dixon and seven Confederate crewmen, sinks on it's return to Sullivan's Island. Charleston Harbor,
2000/08/08 Just outside of Charleston Harbor, the intact and remarkably well preserved H L HUNLEY is recovered from the bottom of the sea. Charleston Harbor,
2004/04/17 Remains of George Dixon and the HUNLEY's last crewmen are buried in Magnolia Cemetery. His home Lodge, now the Mobile-McCormick Lodge No 40, and the Masonic Grand Lodges of Alabama and South Carolina participated in the military and Masonic funeral rites. Magnolia Cemetery, Charleston, SC
2004/04/17 Tens of thousands of people attend the burial of the remains of the H L HUNLEY's last crew - Arnold Becker, Corporal JF Carlsen, Frank Collins, C Lumpkin, Mr Miller, James A Wicks and Joseph Ridgaway - in Magnolia Cemetery. Magnolia Cemetery, Charleston, SC

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