Invention of Reinforced Concrete


Y/M/D Description Place
1867/07/16 Joseph Monier is awarded a patent for an iron-reinforced trough for gardens.
1873/08/13 Joseph Monier files an addendum to his 1867 patent entitled "Application to the construction of bridges and walkways of all sizes".
1875/00/00 Architect Alfred Dauvergne hires Joseph Monier to erect a reinforced concrete bridge of his own design to span the moat at the Chateau de Chazelet. Monier Bridge, Chazelet
1903/00/00 Discovering that concrete is stronger under compression, Julius Kahn patents an industrial construction technique of reinforced concrete.
1914/00/00 Harrods Depository Riverside Warehouse opens. The wedge-shaped building features an elaborate Baroque-style facade with keyed architraves to tripartite windows and a flight of 15 steps flanked by bronze uplighters. Harrods Depository Riverside Warehouse To East, Barnes
1928/09/18 Richard E Dill is awarded United States patent No 1684663 for a design for concrete "Prestressed channel plank modules." Richard E Dill House, Alexandria
1960/00/00 Designed by architect Louis Kahn, the Richards Medical Research Laboratories opens. Built of load bearing, prefabricated, reinforced concrete elements, the design advanced the state of the art for reinforced concrete. Alfred Newton Richards Medical Research Laboratories and David Goddard Laboratories Buildings, Philadelphia, PA

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Structure Attribute: Reinforced Concrete

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