Settling the American Colonies


Y/M/D Description Place
1607/04/29 Jamestown settlers plant a cross at Cape Henry, which they named after the Prince of Wales. The Reverend Robert Hunt lights the candle for the Anglican Church in Virginia and lifts his voice in public thanksgiving and prayer. Cape Henry Lighthouse, Virginia Beach
1607/05/14 About 100 English colonist establish Jamestown, first permanent English settlement in America. Jamestown National Historic Site, Jamestown JCC
1607/08/13 Virginia Company of Plymouth's ship, the GIFTE OF GOD, arrives at the mouth of the Sagadahoc River (today's Kennebec River). Popham Colony Site, Phippsburg
1612/08/00 Permanent settlement of St George begins St George, Bermuda
1618/00/00 With a population of about 40 settlers of the Virginia Company of London, Wolstenholme Towne (Sir John Wolstenholme was an investor) is established as a fortified settlement about 7 miles downstream from Jamestown on a plantation named Martin's Hundred. Carter Hall, Millwood, VA
1620/12/21 MAYFLOWER pilgrims make landfall and establish the Plymouth Colony. Plymouth Rock, Plymouth, MA
1620/12/21 MAYFLOWER pilgrims row a skiff to Plymouth rock and "hastened ashore and made to drink water, that the seamen might have the more beer." William Bradford Plymouth Rock, Plymouth, MA
1624/05/00 Thirty families, under the command of Cornelius Jacobsen May, arrive from the Dutch Republic on the ship "New Netherland" and settle on Governors Island. Governors Island,
1633/11/03 ... it is generally agreed that Mr Israel Stoughton shall build a water mill, if he see cause. - Dorchester Town Records Milton, Massachusetts
1634/03/00 In late March, English Catholics fleeing Protestant persecution and other colonists arrive at St Mary's on two ships, the ARK and the DOVE. Historic St Mary's City, St Marys City
1635/00/00 Scholar and Anglican clergyman, William Blackstone, brings his library and settles on the river to pursue a contemplative and secluded life on the edge of the Plymouth Colony. Cumberland, RI, Rhode Island
1643/00/00 New Swedish Colony is established as the first European settlement in Pennsylvania. The Lazaretto, Essington
1655/00/00 Dutch colonist, Adriaen Van der Donck, publishes a reference to the Pocantico River as Slapershaven (Sleepers' Haven). Sleepy Hollow appears to be a later, Anglicized version of this name that originally applied to the valley of the Pocantico River. Sleepy Hollow,

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