Massachusetts Ratifying Convention



Y/M/D Description Place
1787/10/25 370 delegates are elected to the Massachusetts Ratifying Convention to discuss the adoption of the federal Constitution.
1788/01/09 The Massachusetts Convention begins meeting in Boston. Members from the Philadelphia Convention, Caleb Strong, Rufus King and Nathaniel Gorham are joined by Fisher Ames, James Bowdoin, Francis Dana and Theophilus Parsons in explaining the Constitution.
1788/01/30 Due to a bout of gout, John Hancock arrives at the Massachusetts Convention. He has not announced his stance on the Constitution.
1788/01/31 In the late morning on Thursday, January 31, The Recorder declares the conversation on the Constitution, being ended, Mr Parsons moved, that this Convention do assent to, and ratify, this Constitution.
1788/02/00 About ten delegates change their mind to ratify by a 187-168 vote. Rev Isaac Bachus, Nathaniel Barrell, William Symmes Jr and Charles Turner, are four of those delegates.
1788/02/03 Massachusetts Ratifying Convention votes to ratify the Federal Constitution. 355 delegates registered their vote.

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