Great Galveston Hurricane



Y/M/D Description Place
1900/09/00 James Zempter moves to Galveston to find work rebuilding after the Great Storm.
1900/09/09 Many take refuge in Grace Church during Galveston's hurricane. Grace withstands the storm, but the original wooden church, which had been moved behind the stone church, is washed away. Diocesan Council reports in 1901 that Grace lost 93 of its members. Grace Episcopal Church, Galveston
1902/01/25 Engineers, Henry M Robert, Alfred Noble (President, ASCE 1903) and Henry Clay Ripley recommend protecting the city from flooding, by raising the city and constructing a 3 mile long, curved-faced concrete seawall rising 17 feet above mean low tide. Galveston Seawall, Galveston
1902/09/00 To protect Galveston's oceanfront against hurricanes and tropical storms, construction begins on the Galveston Seawall. Galveston Seawall, Galveston
1903/00/00 From 1903-1911, Galveston is lifted in quarter mile square sections. All structures, utilities (streetcar tracks, fireplugs, water pipes, etc) and about 2,000 buildings are raised on hand-turned jackscrews so sand fill can be placed underneath. Galveston, Texas
1907/00/00 Through a system of hand-turned jacks, Grace church is raised 4.5 feet at the cost of $7000 to the parish. Not one stone of the building was cracked in the process. Grace Episcopal Church, Galveston

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