Barron and Decatur Duel



Y/M/D Description Place
1807/06/22 James Barron is court-martialed for not preparing his ship in advance for possible action, and is suspended for 5 years without pay. John Rodgers was the president of the court-martial, and Stephen Decatur was a member.
1820/00/00 Commodore James Barron challenges Stephen Decatur to a duel, related in part to comments Decatur had made over Barron's conduct in the Chesapeake-Leopard Affair of 1807.
1820/03/22 James Barron and Stephen Decatur duel with pistols at Bladensburg Dueling Grounds along Dueling Creek in Maryland. Bladensburg Rd west of 38th Ave Colmar Manor, Maryland
1820/03/22 Stephen Decatur dies in the front room (left of the front entrance) of his Washington home. Decatur House, Washington, DC

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