1921 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction



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1920/10/00 "The Age of Innocence" is published by Appleton in book form in October 1920 in New York and London.
1921/06/00 Edith Wharton, the first woman to be honored, receives the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction for "The Age of Innocence" for "best presenting the wholesome atmosphere of American life."
1921/06/18 John L Heaton sends a note to The World's editor clarifying that the Novel jury did not recommend Wharton's "The Age of Innocence" for the Pulitzer, but had selected "Main Street" and that the Pulitzer board reversed their decision.
1921/06/22 Robert M Lovett writes in 'The New Republic' that the Pulitzer jury had actually selected 'Main Street' by Sinclair Lewis, not 'The Age of Innocence' by Wharton. Lovett did not say, but they had most likely been overruled by Nicholas Murray Butler.

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Award: Pulitzer Prize

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