American Prohibition


Y/M/D Description Place
1919/12/13 Carrying out his determination to dispose of his New York home if prohibition went into effect, J J Van Alen of New York and Newport has sold his four-story house at 15 East Sixty-fifth Street, to Rufus L Patterson, - NY Times J J Van Alen House, NYC, New York City
1920/00/00 Under Col Blanton's leadership, the distillery is one of only four US distilleries (and the only one in Kentucky) to continue making whiskey for medicinal purposes during Prohibition with a special government permit, 1920-1933. George T Stagg Distillery, Frankfort
1921/00/00 After Prohibition is established in America, demand for Berry Bros wine and spirit surges in the Bahamas, a popular stop for smugglers. Bahamas,
1925/00/00 In the 1920s, the Klan's lecturers travel the country promoting its pro-prohibition message with discrimitory views tailored to local prejudices, such as Asians in CA, Mexicans in Az, Indians in the Dakotas, Catholics in NH and Black Americans.
1933/12/05 Prohibition is repealed, The Lido Venice speakeasy becomes The Lido, a legitimate club. Charles Playhouse, Boston

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