Truman Capote Profiles Marlon Brando



Y/M/D Description Place
1956/12/00 Sayonara's director, Josh Logan, and William Goetz, Sayonara's producer, both write to The New Yorker stating that they will not cooperate for an article and, that if Capote travels to Japan he will be barred from the set.
1956/12/27 Just after Christmas, Truman Capote and his friend Cecil Beaton begin their flight to Japan. Capote is unaware he is not allowed on the set of Marlon Brando's film in Kyoto.
1956/12/28 In San Francisco, as Truman Capote gets into the elevator at the St Francis Hotel the steel doors go haywire and clamp into his head leaving his face blue, green, puce and mau-mau black and his left eye swollen shut. Westin St Francis Hotel, San Francisco
1957/01/01 Staying at the Princess Kaiulani Hotel, Capote writes that Japan Airlines has lost all of his luggage - clothes, work notes, reference books, everything. He is down to one tweed suit, a very Dirty Shirt and a pair of snow-boots. Waikiki,
1957/01/06 In Tokyo, Yukio Mishima takes Capote and Beaton to a Kabuki performance, then backstage to meet the leading player.
1957/01/07 Yukio Mishima entertains Capote and Beaton at a Tokyo restaurant and leads them through the red-light district.
1957/01/15 Truman Capote and Cecil Beaton visit the haunted ruins of Angkor Wat. Angkor Wat, Cambodia
1957/01/23 Logan sees Capote in the lobby of the Miyako signing in. Logan, without saying a word, picks Capote up from behind and carts him across the lobby to outside the main door. Capote: "Now come on, Josh! I'm not going to write anything bad." Miyako Hotel, Kyoto, Kyoto City
1957/01/23 Logan immediately goes upstairs to Brando's room to warn the actor: "Don't let yourself be left alone with Truman. He's after you." Brando is polite and invites Capote to dinner, which Brando expects to last only about an hour.
1957/01/25 With a bottle of vodka in hand, Truman Capote arrives at Marlen Brando's 4th floor suite at the Miyako for what Brando expects to be a quick dinner and an early night. Miyako Hotel, Kyoto, Kyoto City
1957/01/25 Brando and Capote dine and chat in Brando's room at the Miyako during a 5 hour visit. "Apple pie. That's all I need. I'm supposed to be on a diet. But the only things I want to eat are apple pie and stuff like that." MB Miyako Hotel, Kyoto, Kyoto City
1957/02/08 Truman Capote and Cecil Beaton fly back to Honolulu.
1957/05/16 Marlen Brando writes to Truman Capote: It is, indeed, discomforting to have the network of one's innards guywired and festooned with harlequin streamers for public musing, but, perhaps, it will entertain....
1957/11/09 "The Duke in His Domain" is published in The New Yorker.

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