Funeral of General Richard Montgomery



Y/M/D Description Place
1776/01/04 At sunset on 4 January 1776, American General Richard Montgomery's remains are buried with dignity by British Regulars.
1776/01/25 Congress approves the establishment of a monument in memory of General Richard Montgomery.
1776/02/19 A state memorial service is held in honor of General Richard Montgomery.
1818/00/00 Lieutenant Governor of New York, Stephen van Rensselaer, obtains permission for Montgomery's remains to be moved from Quebec to New York City.
1818/06/00 Richard Montgomery's remains leave Quebec destine for New York City.
1818/07/04 Standing on her porch, Janet watches the steamer RICHMOND carry her husband's remains down the Hudson River. Montgomery Place, Tivoli
1818/07/08 Richard Montgomery's remains are interred next to his monument at St Paul's Chapel churchyard in New York City. St Paul's Chapel, New York City

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