Making of McDonald's Restaurants



Y/M/D Description Place
1940/05/15 Brothers Dick and Mac McDonald open the McDonald's Bar-B-Q drive-in with carhop service. Site of 1st McDonald's, San Bernardino
1949/00/00 McDonald brothers remove potato chips and apple pie from their menu and add french fries and milkshakes. Site of 1st McDonald's, San Bernardino
1953/00/00 Neil Fox's McDonald's franchise opens. This is the first McDonalds to have soaring Golden Arches. Site of 1st McDonald's Franchise, Phoenix
1955/04/15 First McDonald's Restaurant opened by Ray Kroc McDonald's 1 Store Museum, Des Plaines
1961/00/00 Ray Kroc buys out the McDonald brothers
1968/00/00 Big Mac added to national menu McDonald's Big Mac Museum Restaurant, North Huntingdon

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