Siege of Yorktown (1862)



Y/M/D Description Place
1862/00/00 Dam No One Battlefield Site, Newport News
1862/03/00 Over 400 Union Army ships arrive at Fort Monroe caring 12,1500 troops, 101 heavy siege guns, 44 field artillery batteries, 14,592 animals and 1,150 wagons, the largest American amphibious landing prior to World War II. Fort Monroe, Hampton
1862/04/05 From April 5 to May 3, 1862, McClellan besieges the Warwick-Yorktown line, as Union engineers constructed fifteen separate batteries for 101 heavy guns. Warwick Line,
1862/04/05 Gen Magruder's 13,000 troops halt the Union advance along the Warwick-Yorktown line. Around 7:00 am, it began to rain, and both armies were quickly soaked. Lee's Mill Earthworks, Newport News

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