Global Warming



Y/M/D Description Place
-15000/00/00 Vast ice sheets which covered much of North America, northern Europe and Asia, reach their maximum between 31,000 and 16,000 BP. Islands from Long Island to Nantucket, Massachusetts begin to form from glacial til near the end of the Wisconsin Glaciation. American Coastal Plain,
-14650/00/00 Sea levels in Tahiti rise by about 14 meters (45.9 feet), at a rate of about 46 millimeters (1.8 inch) per year. Estimates indicate that half of this increase in sea level is from melting Antarctic ice. Tahiti, French Polynesia
2002/04/13 January 31 and April 13, scientists monitoring satellite images of the Antarctic Peninsula watch as almost the entire Larsen B Ice Shelf, an area of 3,250 square km, or 1,250 square mi, splinters and collapses after 12,000 years of stability. Antarctica,
2017/00/00 Stronger solar activity in recent years has produced a new tourist attraction in the northwest of Ireland: View the Northern Lights at Inishowen - National Geographic's 12 Perfect Moments in Ireland County Donegal,

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