Armistice Day



Y/M/D Description Place
1918/09/29 The German Supreme Army Command communicates to Kaiser Wilhelm II and the Imperial Chancellor, Count Georg von Hertling at Imperial Army Headquarters in Spa of occupied Belgium, that the military situation facing Germany is hopeless.
1918/11/11 On 11 November 1918, French Marshal Foch signs the armistice in Boulogne, France.
1918/11/11 At 11:00 am Paris time on 11 November 1918 the armistice takes takes effect, ending hostilities on the Western Front.
1918/11/11 Arthur C Doyle rushes out onto Buckingham Palace Rd to witness the celebration. A young girl, lift to the top of an omnibus leads the crowd in singing "Tipperary".
1918/11/11 While crowds gather at Buckingham Palace, Doyle, a tall man, can easily see the balcony festooned with scarlet and gold. A crowd of soldiers chant, "We want the King." Buckingham Palace, London
1918/11/11 King George V and Queen Mary step on the balcony and wave to the crowd. Men remove their hats and 20,000 voices sing a rousing rendition of "God Save the King". Buckingham Palace, London
1918/11/11 While church bells ring out all over the kingdom to celebrate the end of the Great War for Civilization, Wilfred Owen's mother receives the letter informing her of his death.
1918/11/11 As he walks home from school to home on Fleischmarkt, Billie Wilder sees mobs in the streets - looting, tearing down royal statues and K u K insignia. Fearful Austrian soldiers quickly changed into civilian clothing to avoid being assaulted. Innere Stadt, Wien,
1918/11/11 On the night of the Armistice, Winston Churchill dines with Lloyd George and F E Smith at 10 Downing Street. 10, Downing Street Sw1, London
1918/11/12 A large crowd, King George V and Queen Mary with Princess Mary attend the Thanksgiving service at St Paul's Cathedral on the signing of the Armistice. Cathedral Church Of St Paul, London
1920/11/06 General John Seely opens the Southampton Cenotaph at a public ceremony that includes the playing of the Last Post and a two-minute silence Cenotaph, Southampton
1920/11/11 Edwin Lutyens' permanent Cenotaph is built of Portland stone between 1919 and 1920 by Holland, Hannen and Cubitts to replace his earlier wood-and-plaster cenotaph in the same location. The Cenotaph, London, London
1922/00/00 War Memorial by Sydney Marsh of Marsh Bros, Farnborough, Kent. Site designed by A Baines Barker of London, stonework executed by F M and H Nuttall Ltd of Whitefield. Darley Dale sandstone with bronze statuary. Radcliffe Cenotaph, Bury
1923/11/10 Woodrow Wilson makes a radio address, the first nationwide remote radio broadcast, to the American People from the library of his S Street home. Listeners in New York City can hear the broadcast clearly enough to catch Edith prompting Woodrow. Woodrow Wilson House, Washington, DC
1930/11/11 Designed by Lionel Budden with sculptures by Herbert Tyson Smith, Liverpool Cenotaph is unveiled at 11 am on 11 November 1930 by Edward Stanley, 17th Earl of Derby. Liverpool Cenotaph, St George's Hall

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