Beginnings of Bad Boy Literature

Bad Boy Literature is a narrative genre, intended to be read by both children and adults, that features pranks and misadventures of good-natured, misbehaving boys. - AsNotedIn


Y/M/D Description Place
1849/00/00 Thomas Bailey Aldrich moves in with his grandfather, Thomas D Bailey, on Court Street. Aldrich House, Portsmouth, Portsmouth, NH
1857/00/00 "Tom Brown's Schooldays" by Thomas Hughes is published.
1870/00/00 "The Story of a Bad Boy" by Thomas Bailey Aldrich, a fictional account of his own boyhood in Portsmouth, is published by Fields, Osgood and Co.
1876/12/00 Written by Mark Twain, American Publishing Company publishes "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" with illustrations by True Williams.
1877/00/00 "A Boy's Town" by William Dean Howells is published.
1877/00/00 "Toby Tyler: or, Ten Weeks with a Circus" by James Otis, the pen name of James Otis Kaler, is serialized in Harper's Young People.
1877/00/00 "Being a Boy" by Charles Dudley Warner is published.
1884/12/10 "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" by Mark Twain is published in United Kingdom and Canada by Chatto and Windus.
1899/00/00 "Boy Life on the Prairie" by Hamlin Garland is published by Macmillan.
1914/00/00 "Penrod" by Booth Tarkington is published by Doubleday, Page.

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