Exposition Universelle (1878)


Y/M/D Description Place
1878/00/00 The 1250 piece Mackay silver Dinner and Dessert Service for 24 Persons is finished. Designed by Tiffany and Co's Charles Grosjean under the supervision of Edward C Moore, pieces from the set are currently held in MacKay School of Mines Building. MacKay School of Mines Building, Reno
1878/05/01 Exposition Universelle opens in Paris, celebrating the recovery of France after the 1870-1871 Franco-Prussian War. It covered over 66 acres (270,000 m2), the main building in the Champ de Mars and the hill of Chaillot, occupying 54 acres (220,000 m2).
1878/06/00 Along with a silver clasped leather bound album of photographs the silver set is delivered to the Mackays in Paris in 9 walnut and mahogany chests, each with a silver plaque. The set is displayed at the American Pavilion of the Exposition Universelle. MacKay School of Mines Building, Reno
1878/06/00 Electric arc lighting had been installed all along the Avenue de l'Opera and the Place de l'Opera, and in June, a switch was thrown and the area was lit by electric Yablochkov arc lamps, powered by Zenobe Gramme dynamos
1878/06/30 At the Exposition Universelle (3rd Paris World's Fair) , the completed head of the Statue of Liberty is showcased in the garden of the Trocadero palace, while other pieces were on display in the Champs de Mars. Statue of Liberty, Statue of Liberty National Monument
1878/07/00 Thomas Edison's megaphone and phonograph are exhibited at the Exposition Universelle (1878).
1878/07/00 Augustin Mouchot's Solar powered engine converting solar energy into mechanical steam power is exhibited. He won a Gold Medal in Class 54 for his works, most notably the production of ice using concentrated solar heat.
1878/07/00 At the Exposition Universelle, Jan Matejko wins Gold three painting: The Hanging of the Sigismund Bell, Union of Lublin and Waclaw Wilczek.
1878/07/00 A human zoo, called a "negro village", composed of 400 "indigenous people" is exhibited at the Exposition Universelle.
1878/07/00 Alexander Graham Bell displays his telephone at the Exposition Universelle.
1878/11/10 Exposition Universelle closes in Paris, Over 13 million people paid to attend the exposition.

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