London Blitz


Y/M/D Description Place
1940/09/00 Nazi German bombs land near the Victoria and Albert Museum, smashing in the doors. Damage can still be seen on the Exhibition Rd facade. Victoria And Albert Museum, London
1940/09/09 Bombs land on all sides of Fishmongers' Hall, causing fire and great damage. Whilst the riverside range is gutted and the roof over the grand staircase destroyed, most of Roberts' essential structure survives. Fishmongers Hall, London
1940/09/11 A Nazi high explosive bomb lands at the corner of Cork Street and Burlington Gardens, about 25 yards north east of the Burlington Arcade. The upper end of the Burlington Arcade, a gem of the Regency, is reduced to a mess of twisted steel. Burlington Arcade, London, London
1941/00/00 Max Mallowan and Agatha Christie are forced out of their Sheffield Terrace home by aerial bombings. Sheffield Terrace W8, London
1941/03/08 With the Cafe De Paris about half full, two 50K landmines drop through the ventilation shaft and explode on the dance floor killing at least 34 staff, guests and band members, including band leader Ken 'Snakehips' Johnston and maitre d' Martin Poulson. Former Rialto Cinema And Cafe De Paris, London
1944/00/00 After his London home is destroyed by a German V-1 flying bomb, Orwell spends hours rifling through the rubble to find the manuscript intact. Plaque is at 10a Mortimer Crescent, Kington House, Kilburn, London. Kilburn, London, Greater London

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Motif: War
Facet of War: War - Home Front
Historic Event: World War II

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