Assassination of William McKinley



Y/M/D Description Place
1901/09/06 Leon F Czolgosz shoots President William McKinley twice at the Exposition's Temple of Music (stone marker on traffic island Fordham Dr and Lincoln Pkwy). The gun Czolgosz used can be seen by appointment at the Museum's Resource Center on Forest Ave. Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society, Buffalo, NY
1901/09/07 J P Morgan directs a memorial to President McKinley. Workmen cut bales of crepe and use sewing machines to make long black streamers to be draped on wooden frames which are to be erected on the front of the Drexel, Morgan and Co building (lost). J P Morgan and Co Building, New York City
1907/09/30 The McKinley National Memorial is dedicated. McKinley, William, Tomb, Canton

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