Sinking of the RMS Lusitania


Y/M/D Description Place
1906/06/07 RMS Lusitania launched RMS Lusitania (shipwreck),
1915/03/00 Captain of theLusitania, Daniel Dow, informs his boss that he can not except the responsibility of passengers where German submarines threatened shipping. Cunard decides he is "tired and really ill", relieves him of duty and appoints William Turner.
1915/04/30 Captain William Turner gives evidence before Judge Julius Mayerat in the US District Court for the Southern District of New York during a hearing for limiting the liabilities from the sinking of the Titanic.
1915/04/30 Days before boarding the Lusitania, Dwight Haris of a wealthy New York family, buys a custom made life belt from Wanamaker's department store. Wanamaker's Department Store, New York City
1915/05/01 RMS Lusitania leaves New York, New York bound for Liverpool, England Pier 54, New York City
1915/05/07 Cunard's superliner, RMS Lusitania, is torpedoed by German U-boat U-20 and sinks in 18 minute, taking 1195 lives. RMS Lusitania (shipwreck),
1915/05/07 William Broderick Cloete dies in the Sinking of the RMS Lusitania, but his body was never identified. His wife Violet survived and married a second time in 1921 at age 39 to Bertram Sackville Thesiger (1875-1966). RMS Lusitania (shipwreck),
1915/05/07 Passengers leap from the stricken Lusitania into the tumultuous sea. Casualties include impresario Charles Frohman and art collector Hugh Lane, who may have been carrying sealed lead tubes containing paintings by Rembrandt and Monet. RMS Lusitania (shipwreck),
1916/00/00 Insurance Company of North America pay's $21740 partial insurance coverage RMS Lusitania (shipwreck),

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Boat Type: Ocean Liner

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