Death of Walt Whitman

On March 26, 1892, American poet Walt Whitman passed away at his home in Camden, New Jersey. - AsNotedIn



Y/M/D Description Place
1892/03/26 After suffering in poor health for many ears, Walt Whitman dies at home of pulmonary emphysema or bronchial pneumonia. Walt Whitman House, Camden, NJ
1892/03/27 Dr Henry Cattell's autopsy reveals Whitman's left lung had collapsed, and the right was substantially damaged. The heart is surrounded by abscesses with about 2.5 quarts of fluid. Dr Cattell removes Whitman's brain takes it back to his lab. Walt Whitman House, Camden, NJ
1892/03/28 Thomas Eakins and protege, Samuel Murray, make Walt Whitman's death mask and a plaster cast of the poet's hand. At least three death masks survive, including one at the Princeton University Library. Walt Whitman House, Camden, NJ
1892/03/30 The funeral for Walt Whitman is held in the parlor of his Mickle Street home in Camden, NJ. From 11 am until 2 pm, at least 1000 mourners pay their respects during the viewing. Walt Whitman House, Camden, NJ
1892/03/30 Thousands line the streets to watch as Walt Whitman's carriage proceeds to his final resting-place at Harleigh Cemetery in Camden. Walt Whitman Neighborhood, Camden, NJ
1892/03/30 Walt Whitman is laid to rest at Harleigh Cemetery in a tomb of his own design. Harleigh Cemetery, Camden, Camden, NJ
1893/05/15 I am a fool, a damnable fool, with no conscious memory, or fitness for any learned position. I left Walt Whitman's brain spoil by not having the jar properly covered. Discovered it in the morning. This ruins me with the Anthropometric Society, - HWC diary
1895/00/00 Sam Murray and Tom Eakins use Walt Whitman's death mask as a model when carving "Moses", one of ten biblical prophets commissioned for the Witherspoon building in Philadelphia. Witherspoon Building, Philadelphia, PA

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