Walt Whitman's 70th Birthday Dinner



Y/M/D Description Place
1819/05/31 Walt Whitman is born in West Hills, Huntington, New York Walt Whitman House, Huntington
1889/05/00 William Dean Howells sends a birthday greeting to Walt Whitman on his 70 birthday in Camden, New Jersey.
1889/05/00 Accolades for Walt Whitman are delivered at his 70 Birthday party from John Addington Symonds and other friends and colleagues not in attendance via letter.
1889/05/00 John Greenleaf Whittier provides a birthday tribute to Walt Whitman on his 70 birthday.
1889/05/24 Mark Twain composes a birthday letter for Walt Whitman's 70 Birthday party to be held in Camden, New Jersey. "You have lived just the seventy years which are greatest in the world's history and richest in benefit and advancement to its peoples." MT Mark Twain House, Hartford
1889/05/31 More than 150 people attend Whitman's 70th birthday party, at $5 a head. Guest enjoy a several course dinner called "The Feast of Reason".
1889/05/31 Thomas Eakins attends Whitman's 70th birthday party celebrated with a several course dinner called "The Feast of Reason" followed by "The Flow of Soul", a program of testimonial speeches and readings.
1889/05/31 Politicians and other dignitaries (Garrison, Abbett, Cattell) and men of letters (Garland, Smith, Gilder, Hawthorne) speak at the "The Flow of Soul", a program of testimonial speeches both to and about Whitman.
1889/05/31 Strugling with poor health, Walt Whitman arrives at his 70th birthday party in time for dessert and stays for the speeches. "I felt better and more something like myself, and nearer chipper, than for a year." WW

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