King George and Queen Elizabeth Visit the New York World's Fair



Y/M/D Description Place
1939/06/09 At the British Pavilion from 11:00 pm Friday to 8:00 am the next morning, workers clean for the visit using 60 brooms, 18 floor waxing machines, 50 vacuum cleaners, 72 mops, 142 gallons of liquid soap, 40 lbs of steel wool and 4 barrels of soap powder.
1939/06/10 The King and Queen enter the fairgrounds through the World's Fair Boulevard Gate. Lieut F B Reybold telephones an officer at Camp George Washington, across Fountain Lake, who institutes a twenty-one gun salute.
1939/06/10 The Royal motorcade arrives at Perylon Hall and is welcomed by the fair's president, Grover Whalen. Whalen leads the couple into the Hall's private elevator. As they ascended the king turns and ask him, "When do we eat?" 1939 New York World's Fair Grounds, New York City
1939/06/10 Whalen escorts the royals into Perylon Hall's main room where they sign the guestbook - George R I and Elizabeth R, receive a Cartier gold and crystal Trylon and Perisphere, and begin greeting hundreds of officials and social elite.
1939/06/10 Italy's Commissioner General Giuseppe Cantu refuses to shake hands, but instead raising his arm in a Nazi salute. The usually unflappable Queen could not control her surprised expression for a brief moment.
1939/06/10 George, glancing at the interminable line of officials and socialites, informed Prime Minister King he could not possibly shake hands with everyone and wished to wash up for lunch. British Ambassador Lindsay informed Whalen of the itinerary change.
1939/06/10 Mrs Vincent Astor, resplendent in a purple and black print gown, and Edward Roosevelt, the First Lady's cousin and, also, a fair employee, stare in disbelief as the royal couple start to leave before they are met.
1939/06/10 Mayor LaGuardia ask the fair president, "What the hell are you doing?" Whalen, running after the royal party, replies: "Don't ask me, Fiorello. Ask him?".
1939/06/10 NYC's Negro community feels snubbed by Sir Louis Beale, Britain's commissioner to the fair. In protest, Judge James Watson, returns his invitation to Beale, not wanting to be the lone native - born American Negro to be present to the royal couple.
1939/06/10 At the New York World's Fair in Queens NY, King George climbs the British Pavilion's steps, guarded by two Saxon lions, and tours the exhibits, stopping longest at the case displaying the Magna Carta.
1939/06/10 Queen Elizabeth especially enjoys the Scottish Industries exhibit at the New York World's Fair.
1939/06/10 Leaving by a secondary entrance, the King and Queen enter their automobiles and are saluted by another twenty-one gun volley.

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