Death of John Pierpont Morgan



Y/M/D Description Place
1913/03/31 John Pierpont Morgan dies in his sleep at the Grand Hotel Plaza in Rome, Italy. Grand Hotel Plaza, Rome, Rome
1913/04/01 Nearly 4,000 condolence letters over the death of J P Morgan are be received at the Grand Hotel Plaza in Rome by overnight post and flags on Wall Street fly at half-mast. Wall Street,
1913/04/14 J P Morgan's body lays in State in his Library. His remains are carried by horse drawn carriage to St George's Episcopal Church. Morgan Library and Museum, New York City
1913/04/14 The funeral for John Pierpont Morgan is held at St George's Episcopal Church in New York City. St George's Episcopal Church, New York City
1913/04/14 New York Stock Exchange closes for two hours in honor of the funeral of J P Morgan. New York Stock Exchange, New York City
1913/04/14 The remains of John Pierpont Morgan are interred in the Morgan mausoleum at Cedar Hill Cemetery in his birthplace of Hartford, Connecticut. Cedar Hill Cemetery, Hartford

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