Sherman's March to the Sea

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Y/M/D Description Place
1864/00/00 William H Norton fights for the Union during General William T Sherman's March to the Sea through Georgia.
1864/07/22 William Sherman's Union forces defeat Confederate forces defending the city of Atlanta. Atlanta, GA, Georgia
1864/09/04 Bvt Brig General O M Poe's Corps of Engineers create a map of the Atlanta campaign, showing military operations from 5 May to 4 September 1864.
1864/11/00 10,000 of William Sherman's Union soldiers camp at Barrowville. Barrowville, Milledgeville
1864/11/23 William T Sherman makes his headquarters in the Governor's Mansion in Milledgeville. Old Governor's Mansion, Milledgeville
1864/11/23 Union General William T Sherman and 30,000 Union troops take Milledgeville, the capital of Georgia. After ransacking the statehouse, they will leave a few days later. Old State Capitol, Milledgeville, Milledgeville
1864/12/10 Federal troops destroy the Richmond plantation home. Richmond Hill Plantation, Richmond Hill
1864/12/12 The 3rd Cavalry Division, Brig Gen H J Kilpatrick, USA, crosses the Great Ogeechee River near Fort Argyle and the Canoochee River near Bryan Court House (Clyde) on pontoon bridges laid by the 1st Missouri Engineers and moves down Bryan Neck. Old Fort Argyle Site, Fort Stewart
1864/12/12 Brig Gen H J Kilpatrick makes his headquarters at the plantation home of Lt Col Joseph L McAllister, 7th Georgia Cavalry CSA. The residence stood near the river immediately north of Fort McAllister. Fort McAllister, Richmond Hill
1864/12/13 Gen Kilpatrick sends Murray's brigade into Liberty County to scout the country to Sunbury and orders Atkins' brigade and the 10th Wisconsin Battery to camp at "Cross Roads" (Richmond Hill).
1864/12/13 With two of Atkins' regiments, Gen Kilpatrick moves down Bryan Neck. While approaching Fort McAllister, they skirmish with Confederate pickets and drive them back to the fort.
1864/12/13 In about 15 minutes, Gen William B Hazen's infantry division overpowers Fort McAllister defended by some 230 CSA troops led by Maj George Wayne Anderson. Fort McAllister is the last fort defending Savannah. Fort McAllister, Richmond Hill
1864/12/13 After examining the approaches to the Ft McAllister, Gen Kilpatrick moves on to Kilkenny Bluff (8 mi SE) where he makes contact with the USS Fernandina and forward dispatches to the Union flag-ship reporting the arrival of Gen Sherman's army at Savannah. Fort McAllister, Richmond Hill
1864/12/13 At Gen Hazen's HQ, the McAllister home, Hazen, Lt Col Strong, Sherman celebrate their victory. Also invited, Anderson, has a discussion with Sherman about the tactics used to defend the fort. Sherman orders the Major to the land mine-clearing detail. J A Lewis House, Clarkesville, GA
1864/12/14 Gen Kilpatrick moves with most of his command to Midway Church. After scouting the country and stripping it of provisions, he returns to Bryan at Cross Roads to picket to the south and west, and to protect the Union supply depot at King's Bridge. Midway Historic District, Midway

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